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I am a word worker. I fill in the narrative of the world that I was born into and grown to love. I will gather beauty to give life to the words that I collect from the universe.

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The Politics of Love12490007/21/20137/30/2020Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
hurled stone12044008/30/20137/30/2020Narrative - Prose
This afternoon all clocks went wrong1154204199/9/20138/3/2020Prose - War
My WE. Your WE. Our WE. 11132009/1/20137/30/2020Life - Written
Mango (Tanka)109014294/17/20148/2/2020Nature - Tanka
Unforgettable You10782008/15/20137/31/2020Birthday - Birthday Love
When The Sun Illuminates Upon The Sapphire Skies (42nd inspirational title challenge)1014188385/9/20147/30/2020Mothers Day - Rhyming
The Crux of Love9999377/17/20137/30/2020
Nature9935139/10/20137/30/2020Nature - Prose
The Garden of Life9910147/15/20137/30/2020
2nd & Happy 9672009/18/20137/30/2020Happy - Prose
88th Musketeers’ Challenge Title9546005/8/20188/3/2020Mothers Day - Rhyming
Shamed, I am NOT!9514009/24/20137/31/2020Narrative - Quatern
no matter9487009/8/20137/30/2020Narrative - Prose
beautiful coiffure9392009/2/20137/30/2020Funny Narrative - Prose
Dewball9276138/11/20137/30/2020Abstract - Nature
Surviving Sickness: Embrace the Uncertainty of Life. 36th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge9271342010/6/20137/30/2020Narrative - Prose
Into The Zoo's Attempt to Embrace the Uncertainty of Life. 36th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge 92561410/12/20137/30/2020Alliteration - Nature
Crumbly. Humbly.9220157/20/20137/30/2020Rhyming 2 - Peace
A Journey To Sunshine9150007/18/20137/30/2020Life - Rhyming 2
until.....90482103/25/20147/30/2020Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
When Adversity Gets The Better Of You THE 38th MUSKETEERS INSPIRATIONAL CHALLENGE900742012/17/20137/30/2020Nature - Narrative
Filipinos Embrace the Uncertainty of Life. 36th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge (Take Two)8931352110/8/20137/30/2020Narrative - Prose
The Home of Peace8810007/25/20137/30/2020Peace - Prose
Sólo!8760007/30/20137/30/2020Peace - Prose
The Musketeer's 45th Poem Title Challenge: WE'RE ALL ON A JOURNEY.872176288/11/20147/30/2020
Graying with grey matter8714298/4/20137/30/2020Retirement - Prose
Lost8713139/26/20137/30/2020Narrative - Prose
altered86932510/4/20137/30/2020Narrative - Prose
Rephrased, period!8610008/1/20137/30/2020Abstract - Life
Layer8593159/3/20137/30/2020Narrative - Prose
Distinctly, discriminating.8540007/24/20137/30/2020Gothic - Prose
I.D.8537158/12/20137/30/2020Free Verse - Spiritual
A journey to sunshine 8498007/17/20178/3/2020Life - Rhyming
Choices! Choices!8472158/7/20137/30/2020
Alarmist8460008/2/20137/30/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Narrative
MUSKETEERS 41st INSPIRATIONAL CHALLENGE 846203133/9/20148/2/2020Funny - Rhyming
Just one 8420008/17/20137/30/2020Life - Prose
37th Challenge “If Ever I Must Sing As Poets Have”8362362811/8/20137/30/2020Rhyming 2 - Lost Love
80th Musketeers' Challenge Title by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad Happy To Be Born A Human8296008/8/20178/3/2020Happy - Rhyming
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