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Memory Lane11271005/21/20143/17/2018
RiP7440008/18/20133/19/2018Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death - Peace
VICTIM7322008/18/20133/18/2018Not Categorized - 9-11
Just When6664008/26/20133/18/2018Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Thank you, gratitude
In A Grieving Street6623158/18/20133/19/2018Nature - Sonnets
Mides Note6021008/18/20133/17/2018Nature - Sonnets
An Ode To Envy60011510/26/20133/22/2018
Knight In Shining Armor5602008/18/20133/23/2018Angel - Other
Wondering Blames in Flames5362008/18/20133/20/2018Written - Sonnets
A Heart Of Gratitude5121008/18/20133/24/2018God - Thank you, gratitude
A Walking Shadow5020008/18/20133/20/2018Other - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
Save Our Planet. Plant A Tree5010008/18/20133/17/2018Nature - Sonnets
Note from Departed Daughter4993001/3/20153/22/2018
The Whimpered Whisperings 4970002/12/20143/17/2018
Greenness Instinct4810009/28/20133/19/2018Mother, mom, mommy - Children, young kids, child
Riding Through Memories'47711410/20/20133/17/2018Tributes, Memorials - Memorial
The Street Girl4602001/10/20143/23/2018
Astute Pursuit4491003/26/20143/17/2018
Tenants of Hell4432002/28/20153/22/2018
Last Night Dream Of A Friend4420008/18/20133/17/2018Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Children, young kids, child
Quite Times4310008/18/20133/18/2018Life - Sonnets
The Mourners Of Sunday Morning4282008/18/20133/19/2018Christian - Written
Prophet Isaiah4280001/23/20153/23/2018
Daniela’s Void 4243151/28/20143/17/2018Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Love Sad
Our Deeds42010010/1/20133/17/2018
In The Perfect Light4190008/18/20133/17/2018Beautiful - Children, young kids, child
Sailor Utterances4170004/23/20143/20/2018
Why we put Mia in Chains4131151/18/20153/17/2018
This Lives Truly With Worth41000011/1/20133/17/2018Fall - Love
From An Old Widows Diary4092008/18/20143/23/2018
The Back Of Beyond4010001/26/20143/17/2018
The Life of Alex Paul4011003/5/20143/18/2018
Traveler Stone3930008/18/20133/21/2018Life - War
Soothing Phase38911512/30/20133/19/2018
Beneath Gods Gamp3871151/2/20143/17/2018
Leave-Taking 38000012/13/20133/17/2018
Errors Of A Night3783153/8/20143/17/2018
Into Bliss3782004/1/20143/17/2018
Dawn Breaks3761001/7/20143/17/2018
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