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Utterly clueless I embark on this adventure of poetry.

Thank you Charlie and Ellie for the inspiration!

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THE CHARLES A. SIDES MEMORIAL (take two - The Honey Do)9837001/23/20149/18/2019
SCOTLAND'S GAG (a take on golf)94794191/22/20149/18/2019Funny - Rhyming 2
Rain Free in Seattle8953002/28/20149/18/2019
LANDING THE CROSSWINDS88674183/31/20149/18/2019
A Bald Eagle Hunts8364287/6/20149/18/2019Funny - Rhyming
33rd Inspirational Challenge "The Man In The Arena" by Charlie Sides717521012/17/20149/18/2019
43rd Inspirational Challenge “D-Day”707115256/25/20149/18/2019
SANTA WEARS SPURS (A Christmas poem for Westly)698221012/5/20149/18/2019
CHARLIE’S AFFLICTION6677131/26/20149/18/2019
I have the courage (for Edie and El...and myself! :-))66383133/18/20149/18/2019
An apology rhyme 6583002/28/20149/18/2019Sorry - Rhyming
My Christmas Will633421012/1/20149/18/2019
For the Johnny Cash fans out there.....62242511/21/20149/18/2019
Chicken Feet (to go with my Pig Wagon and The Turkey – for Denis and Westly)61834205/29/20149/19/2019
MY LIFE, A BOOK WITHOUT PAGES – Take 361393133/26/20149/18/2019
Driving Wyoming6083151/23/20149/18/2019Life - Quatrain
49th Inspirational Challenge Traditions for my Christmas Soul6061283912/9/20149/18/2019
41st Inspirational Challenge – My Life, A Book Without Pages604179413/7/20149/18/2019
Repost: THE TURKEY59920011/24/20149/18/2019
Cattitude5873121/17/20149/18/2019Animals - Rhyming 2
40TH TITLE CHALLENGE - EVERYONE HAS A SECRET582156302/12/20149/18/2019
48th Challenge "Of Scars and Stories" (Dad's Stories of Scars)58119114911/10/20149/18/2019
Pig Wagon (A memory inspired by Westly)5668153/7/20149/18/2019
Tow in the snow5614003/5/20149/18/2019
SEATTLE PATIO55873143/29/20149/18/2019
THE CHARLES A. SIDES MEMORIAL CHALLENGE554106281/21/20149/18/2019Family - Memorial
The Turkey55373131/22/20149/18/2019Funny - Rhyming 2
48th Inspirational Challenge "Of Scars and Stories"539642011/24/20149/18/2019
40TH CHALLENGE - EVERYONE HAS A SECRET - OUT WITH A ROAR (take three)5336243/1/20149/18/2019
Slightly Diminished53272101/30/20149/18/2019
CONTINENTAL DIVIDE5302001/30/20149/18/2019
When the sun illuminates, upon the sapphire skies. Musketeer’s 42nd Challenge.52194195/27/20149/18/2019
Lost Remote51331511/22/20149/18/2019
A moring of denial....5123145/27/20149/18/2019
Charlie's Festival50442105/21/20149/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Rhyming
41st Inspirational Challenge – My Life, A Book Without Pages – Take 249672103/11/20149/18/2019
Another trip in the Hawk4815002/12/20149/18/2019
49th Inspirational Title - Traditions for My Hanukah Soul480731312/10/20149/18/2019
Workin' the Farm4722009/20/20169/18/2019Humorous - Short Funny
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