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The higher we go among the form of life the better we find creativity and excitement.My poems are testimony to my sensitive heart that laughs in the pleasure of others and weeps at the misery of destitute.Most of those poems are written when I was perusing higher study in abroad. But they reflect Nepali milieu. The overwhelming love for home and homeland often made me reflective. They also become the source of both expression and inspiration.

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Eye of Wisdom8720007/13/20149/18/2019
I Will Not Fight With You5280007/13/20149/18/2019
Composure of Peace 51200010/12/20149/18/2019
Cover Your Nakedness 4940007/14/20149/18/2019
I Promise You Mother Earth48100010/20/20149/18/2019
Addicted to Peace 45110010/16/20149/18/2019
Balance in Cosmic Ties4370117/12/20149/18/2019
Comic Victory4300159/1/20149/18/2019
Love to Find God4212147/13/20149/19/2019
A Real Shangri-La of the World41400010/19/20149/18/2019
Like a Soul in Body4031007/3/20149/18/2019
I was Writing40010010/28/20149/18/2019
The Demise of Criminal 39400011/16/20149/18/2019
I Want Democracy for Mother Nature38810010/21/20149/18/2019
Though I like Globalization38500010/10/20149/18/2019
How Can Change Happen?38300010/16/20149/18/2019
Two Civilizations3790007/12/20149/18/2019
Lost Myself and Found3770007/14/20149/18/2019
Friends! I Don’t See Gain in Becoming an Enemy3761158/13/20149/18/2019
Balance in Cosmic Ties3753128/26/20149/18/2019
The Verses of Peace are Rhythmic37422108/31/20149/18/2019
My Dream Land is My Own Land 37200012/17/20149/18/2019
When it Rains37030010/14/20149/18/2019
Divine and Devil 3681158/13/20149/18/2019
A Poet Cannot Narrow Down 3671007/17/20149/18/2019
Balance in Cosmic Ties3660007/12/20149/18/2019
Peace is My Mantra36600010/16/20149/18/2019
The Psychology of Poetry and its Affection 35911410/12/20149/18/2019
My Dharma is to Love 3551157/12/20149/18/2019
My poetry is not Self -Seeking Calculation3551298/27/20149/18/2019
Lila: An Illusion 3510147/12/20149/18/2019
Entertaining Life 35110010/21/20149/18/2019
Conflict: Is it Need or Our Choice3501158/27/20149/18/2019
Mother Earth3491008/23/20149/18/2019
You Are Not My Enemy 3460007/12/20149/18/2019
Peace Seasonal Thoughts3451007/9/20149/18/2019
I too Have Home34301510/10/20149/18/2019
She is an Woman3270007/13/20149/18/2019
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