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Thanks for reading my poetry.

I have been interested in the Arts all my life.I play guitar, bass, and ukulele, and in the past painting was my main hobby. My poetry is about imagination, wisdom, human nature, and expression. I started in 2013 on this site and recently have completed what what I intended express at this time. You can reach me at michaeldevincenzi244@gmail.com.
Thanks for reading my poetry I hope you got something out of it.

Peace be with you.

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Rose Colored Glasses69220012/21/201412/18/2018Spiritual - Rhyming
1984, a poem based on the Orwell novel6522004/2/201512/15/2018
A Simple Life6462001/15/201512/18/2018Life - Rhyming
Body Language6431001/8/201512/12/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Go Back in Time6380002/18/201512/17/2018
Dream Chaser6271001/29/201512/18/2018
Molding the Mind of a Child6262132/22/201512/13/2018
Cecil the Lion6224007/31/201512/15/2018Life - Rhyming
This Life58510012/14/201412/9/2018
TRUE BLUE5705158/28/201512/18/2018Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Rhyming
Like Ships Passing in the Night5681003/21/201512/8/2018
Your Opinions5622131/12/201512/13/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Why should I care?5576127/12/201512/15/2018Rhyming - Friend Love
Try to Find Love 5462001/19/201512/18/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Life Is5451001/22/201512/11/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
The Singer 54520012/31/201412/9/2018Ode - Rhyming
Biographies53210012/31/201412/15/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
My Own Little World5231001/6/201512/13/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Change if you are not Happy5222005/18/201512/9/2018Happy - Rhyming
Man’s Best Friend5171001/3/201512/11/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Take Things Light51710012/26/201412/17/2018
You Can Do5161001/12/201512/14/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Help Others51531212/28/201412/9/2018Spiritual - Rhyming
More Rest5151001/22/201512/14/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Time is Passing51210012/29/201412/11/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Go Slow50710012/17/201412/17/2018Peace - Rhyming
Never Feel Anything But Love50210012/18/201412/16/2018
A Magic Wand4981001/26/201512/17/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Vincent’s Poetry49410012/18/201412/16/2018
The Artist4922001/6/201512/16/2018
Forget4901001/24/201512/15/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Gandhi’s Message 4862151/22/201512/13/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Paramahamsa Yogananda4851001/6/201512/13/2018
Inject Some Humor4842001/7/201512/18/2018Not Categorized - Rhyming
Keep Your Distance4741111/14/201512/16/2018
I Hold Out My Hand47010012/27/201412/16/2018
We Are Voices4673001/28/201512/14/2018
Rest46210012/27/201412/11/2018Not Categorized - Peace
Off The Grid45321412/21/201412/18/2018
Smash Your Head Against The Wall4480001/3/201512/16/2018
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