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A writer, poet, after dinner speaker and journalist from north London. Concentrates on politics, love, current affairs and child protection.

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No Man's Land5210001/14/20168/2/2020
The Clocks they Chime5170006/23/20158/1/2020
The Bell Tower 5174004/14/20168/10/2020
He's in the Jailhouse Now51710012/21/20158/3/2020
Frost doesn't Freeze5162004/12/20157/27/2020
Throw the Keys Away5150005/31/20157/28/2020
The Salesman51400012/21/20158/4/2020
The Truth5110004/17/20158/1/2020
No Smoke Without Fire5110004/1/20157/27/2020
#67th Musketeer Challenge..........Pictures in Frames5117006/7/20168/10/2020
This Worthy Campaign51000012/28/20158/3/2020
The Boy With No Name5091001/25/20168/3/2020
A Victorian Thief5070009/6/20158/4/2020
No Clouds5030004/5/20158/1/2020
Lost In The Rough 5031005/29/20168/10/2020
From Small Acorns 50330011/23/20178/8/2020
We're All Made Of The Same Stuff50220012/15/20168/9/2020
Foot Soldier5020004/5/20158/7/2020
And Still They Come5020007/29/20158/8/2020
Out Of The Fire And Into The Frying Pan5021002/29/20168/10/2020
To Stop Bolting Horses5010009/6/20158/4/2020
Me And My Metal Detector4992002/11/20168/3/2020
Don't Throw Stones in Glass Houses49910010/28/20158/5/2020
The 65th Challenge: A Narrator For The Spaces In-between4985004/16/20168/10/2020
The Old Woman And Her Harp4973006/28/20168/10/2020
That Day I'll Always Remember49600012/21/20158/6/2020
My Eyes4932008/23/20178/9/2020
Me And My Candlestick4921005/25/20168/10/2020
The Postman Knocks 48910012/27/20158/2/2020
Shaken Not Stirred4890004/5/20157/30/2020
Fingers and Eyes48611510/26/20158/6/2020
Walking on Air48522104/20/20158/3/2020
Men In White Coats....Part I48500011/28/20168/9/2020
The Notorious Chair 48420011/15/20168/9/2020
Lost Communities4832004/16/20168/10/2020
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