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A writer, poet, after dinner speaker and journalist from north London. Concentrates on politics, love, current affairs and child protection.

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Lord Lucan6592002/11/20167/8/2020
Help is Close at Hand6452004/1/20157/4/2020
Knowing When To Say No6282004/9/20156/27/2020
Can't Pay Then We'll Take It Away6171005/15/20177/10/2020
Sincere Views6042003/20/20167/7/2020
The Loose Cannon5993002/18/20167/4/2020
The Lone Wolf59600012/4/20157/6/2020
Right To The Wire5958002/26/20167/4/2020
The Dividing Line 5921001/11/20166/28/2020
The Man on a Soapbox58500011/19/20157/4/2020
Band of Gold5752005/9/20167/4/2020
Sparing Time5697003/3/20166/30/2020
Stuck Between a Hard Place and a Rock5670007/12/20157/9/2020
The 63rd Challenge: A Working Class Hero5647002/9/20167/6/2020
Under Our Roof56200012/10/20157/9/2020
As Cold As Stone5611004/1/20157/9/2020
The Barber's Shop5614002/16/20167/4/2020
The Curse of Stone Island 5591001/20/20167/2/2020
The 64th Challenge: Is Too Much Knowledge A Dangerous Thing (The Baton Holder's Interpretation)55711003/9/20167/3/2020
Bees without Honey5572007/2/20157/9/2020
48TH Musketeers Challenge: Of Scars And Stories5552001/27/20167/5/2020
Brother and Sisters5501001/27/20167/5/2020
Will a Note be Left?5500004/6/20156/27/2020
Why a Son Needs a Dad5492004/1/20157/1/2020
Too Little, Too Late 5480004/1/20157/10/2020
Shadow Dancers5464002/16/20167/4/2020
Real Life5444001/1/20167/4/2020
A Painted Canvas (62nd Title Challenge)5417002/6/20166/28/2020
Basil With The Red Hair5381002/9/20167/8/2020
Squaring The Vicious Circle5361002/2/20167/10/2020
The Sounds of the 80s5353001/4/20166/28/2020
The Poverty Wire53410012/25/20157/9/2020
Ask No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies5340009/27/20157/6/2020
The Money Lenders53310012/27/20157/8/2020
The Mirror5316002/14/20167/10/2020
I Like the Way5290004/5/20157/7/2020
A Silent Hymn5251001/26/20166/29/2020
Cloud Nine5221266/22/20156/28/2020
The Treble5210004/5/20157/6/2020
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