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I was born on 7 june 1995.....i wrote my first poem title 'essence' at the age of 12,sadly i lost the copy of that poem so i forget about poetry until 2yrs ago.....am Currently a student of the university of uyo,Akwaibom state Nigeria. studying Food science and technology ....my main inspiration has been God and reality....thanks for reading my poem....08100602892.....thats my contact...am truely grateful for your support....God bless you

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Village life(song poem)6100156/30/20159/18/2019Life - Onomatopoeia
Friends are doors58822105/4/20159/18/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Not Categorized
My health(cinquain)56542107/3/20159/18/2019Cinquain - Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart
the worlds state5602155/2/20159/18/2019
Bye Malaria5541157/7/20159/18/2019Thank you, gratitude - Thank You
With the pen in hands,my thought i give TAKE4(Examination) 54702107/8/20159/18/2019Concrete - School
Elergy of the unrepented soul5281157/12/20159/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Spiritual
Take2:WITH THE PEN IN HANDS,MY THOUGHT I GIVE(the beauty of God) 51964187/7/20159/18/2019Limerick - Nature
Happy birthday Gem(dedicated to June babies)4874156/4/20159/18/2019
A beggars mind4860155/23/20159/18/2019
the potter and the clay [series2]4850156/16/20159/18/2019
With the pen in hands my thought i give(the plight of the poor...tak1)472188377/7/20159/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Narrative
The words the present world has change(ABC POEM)4711156/2/20159/18/2019
Love again46901510/27/20159/18/2019Love Sad - Teen Love
The female chipmunk in the woods4535397/12/20159/18/2019Nature - Narrative
My faded rose44962105/22/20159/18/2019
With the pen in hands,my thought i give#10.......the poet,his thought with his friend(the pen)and wi44722107/14/20159/18/2019Poet - Rhyming
Such is life4460155/7/20159/18/2019
What real victory means4410155/12/20159/18/2019
A man on the roof(series1)4410156/1/20159/18/2019
The coffin4370155/24/20159/18/2019
With the pen in hands,my thought i give#9(a man thinks but a child cramps) 43443117/13/20159/18/2019Nature - Narrative
56th challange....with the pen in hands,my thought i give Take7(THE COURT CASE) 431103157/9/20159/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Narrative
With the pen in hands, my thought i give(TAKE8 ) 42962107/11/20159/18/2019Narrative - Rhyming
Mrs Grace4291156/23/20159/18/2019
The wind42802105/22/20159/18/2019
The 54th challange.'seize not my treasure from me because am far too great to crawl at your feet.'425124205/7/20159/18/2019
Before manhood42222105/5/20159/18/2019
Mood swing42202105/6/20159/18/2019Free Verse - Not Categorized
TAREMI(God loves me)42222105/31/20159/18/2019
A cry from hell4213155/31/20159/18/2019
A man on the roof(series2)4100156/1/20159/18/2019
My love the Holyspirt4102156/20/20159/18/2019
Loving you4022116/4/20159/18/2019
The 56th challange....with the pen in hands,my thought i give...(THE CROSS I BEAR....TAKE3)402116297/8/20159/18/2019Free Verse - Life
Need for salavtion3854155/9/20159/18/2019
Elergy of our love3831117/11/20159/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Lost Love
A drive at night3772156/30/20159/18/2019
Deceitful woman(iambic poem)37402106/29/20159/18/2019
Alone at home3700155/10/20159/18/2019
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