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While sitting at my computer one day, listening to soothing music, and looking at photographs of beautiful landscapes, a flood of thoughts seemed to come from nowhere. I decided that, even though I had never composed any type of poetry or prose, I would put those thoughts on paper. At this late stage in my life it has become one of my favorite things to do. The following are some of my recent attempts. I hope you enjoy them.
P.S. A short stay with VN and I have been receiving so many kind remarks from all over the world. For those of you who are awake while I sleep, thank you for reading my work. For those of you who are sleeping while I am awake...sweet dreams!

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The Passage of Time91283146/7/20153/15/2019Spiritual - God
Love Lost With Time (Sonnet)90430011/5/20153/18/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Sonnets
Whose Fault Is It Anyway8653157/2/20153/17/2019Funny - Life
A Treasure More Prized Than Gold8545157/23/20153/16/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Sonnets
I Hate Housework8357006/15/20153/19/2019Funny - Life
A Final Goodbye8322006/24/20163/17/2019Funerals - Spiritual
Life is Like a Loaf of Bread8145007/11/20153/19/2019Life - Metaphor
Rainbows80933126/7/20153/17/2019Beautiful - Spiritual
When Again We Meet7944287/27/20153/18/2019Animals - Love
57th Challange - The Chaplain75774208/20/20153/16/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
Standing Tall7533007/21/20153/11/2019Life - Metaphor
56th Inspirational Challenge:My Thoughts I Give 74999437/6/20153/15/2019Acrostics - Thank You
Uninvited Darkness7473286/7/20153/17/2019Missing You - Peace
Survival74244196/8/20153/8/2019Life - Nature
Go Fly A Kite7352006/19/20153/16/2019Funny - Life
Saying Goodbye7284286/10/20153/14/2019Good Bye - Love Sad
Nature's Balance7272146/12/20152/24/2019Life - Nature
Waterfall7203146/8/20153/17/2019Nature - Thank You
Natures Reflections71533116/7/20153/15/2019Life - Nature
A Touch of Morning Dew708105238/21/20153/19/2019Metaphor - Nature
If I Could Win the Lottery7052276/9/20153/18/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
Fallen Tree7053156/17/20153/11/2019Nature - Hope
The Same but Different7042136/10/20153/5/2019Hope - Rhyming
Their Bond of Motherhood7036158/23/20153/19/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Nature
True Love Lost7003286/11/20153/18/2019Peace - Lost Love
Sleep6982136/11/20153/13/2019Not Categorized - Humorous
A Life Well Lived69433136/8/20153/15/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
With Every Breath I Pray (Rictameter)69450012/28/20153/19/2019Inspirational Sports - Hope
Weeping Trees6932136/7/20153/14/2019Nature - Spiritual
Metamorphosis69132106/24/20153/15/2019Metaphor - Nature
A Cat's Life6902146/12/20153/16/2019Animals - Cats
55th inspirational Challenge - An Empty Soul Fills Again68194206/9/20153/16/2019Life - Spiritual
Regrets6812156/8/20153/17/2019Retirement - Humorous
Cast Your Net6762286/12/20153/12/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Not Categorized
Today6734286/11/20153/17/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Not Categorized
A Life in the Cloud6642007/13/20153/12/2019Metaphor - Humorous
Under The Sea6612146/8/20153/15/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
Reunion6603156/13/20153/15/2019Family - Life
War's End6472136/8/20153/16/2019Hope - Peace
Time Will Not Wait6344009/27/20153/15/2019Nature - Sonnets
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