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My poetry tends to focus on the Christian walk, relationships, and nature. I am a graduate of Institute of Children's Literature, and have been writing poetry since the age of thirteen. One of my poems is published in an anthology of Canadian poetry. I also have just had two poems published in a worship poetry anthology entitled "Stones Before The Ocean." I am currently writing my first novel based on my own life, and have also begun working on a Christian teaching book dealing with the topic of idolatry. I am a Preschool teaching assistant, and used to be a florist at one time. Other passions of mine include: art, reading, zoology, nature photography, and singing (music). I hope you enjoy my poems and that you will find them meaningful.
Peace and blessings to you,

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The Perfect Gentleman106214298/20/20155/26/2020Christian - Life
The Two Princesses9553158/2/20155/31/2020Daughters - A Mother's Love
Someday919103157/18/20155/30/2020Missing You - Friendship Love
The Last Flowers of Summer9065158/29/20155/26/2020Nature - Season
Self Care88542107/19/20155/26/2020More Happy - Life
The Piano Player874163137/26/20155/26/2020Good - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
Autumn Impressions8626157/17/20155/29/2020Nature - Season
The Teacher852112108/29/20155/26/2020Christian - Rhyming
A Cup of Tea82710288/19/20155/26/2020Cute - Short
How I Love the Country826132108/17/20155/27/2020Nature - Narrative
Children8247159/3/20155/26/2020Acrostics - Children, young kids, child
TRUE HAPPINESS82312159/19/20155/26/2020Christian - Happy
The Rusted Door82294178/8/20155/26/2020Christian - Life
The Beauty of the Night81912267/24/20155/26/2020Nature - Spiritual
How Can I Let Her Go?81919289/7/20155/29/2020Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Mother, mom, mommy
Miracles81710158/17/20155/28/2020Family - Life
The Joy of Music817121511/9/20155/26/2020Happy - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
How To Live Happy81512258/25/20155/26/2020Happy - Life
The ROAD8109159/27/20155/26/2020Life - Narrative
Looking Up802133128/9/20155/26/2020Christian - Nature
Shaking the Dust off My Feet79711158/19/20156/1/2020Good Bye - Life
With Pen in Hand My Thoughts I Give, 56th Inspirational Title Challenge (Betty Janko)788104207/20/20155/26/2020Christian - Life
Sweet Memories of Summer with my Children78483127/29/20155/26/2020Summer - A Mother's Love
Weary of Wandering7821007/31/20155/26/2020Christian - Life
Bright Moon at Night7814008/1/20155/26/2020Christian - Nature
Take All of Me77611159/4/20155/31/2020Christian - Love
Friends in the Light76711158/30/20155/26/2020Christian Love - Friendship Love
Lifting My Face to Freedom7608008/22/20155/26/2020Christian - Life
Rain7605007/19/20155/26/2020Christian - Nature
FOLLOWING AND WANDERING75211149/2/20155/26/2020Christian - Life
A Tangled Mess7497287/21/20155/26/2020Christian - Life
You Are All I Need74212158/10/20155/26/2020Christian - Life
Where I Belong74183119/6/20155/26/2020Christian - Rhyming
Two Drops7396158/28/20155/26/2020Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Life
At Summer's End7286158/21/20155/31/2020Life - Season
The Minister's Daughter72612008/23/20155/26/2020Christian - Life
The Gathering Storm7196148/5/20156/1/2020Nature - Summer
Bittersweet7181007/17/20155/26/2020Marriage - Love
57th Inspirational Challenge, My page is a canvas and my pen is a brush712124198/5/20155/26/2020Spiritual - Love
My Wise Dragon7047147/22/20155/28/2020Nature - Spiritual
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