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Hello and welcome to my poetry compositions. I enjoy writing and reading poetry in all manner of its multifaceted forms. I enjoy writing about often expressive and sometimes informative contemplation regarding Mother Nature, astronomical events, ancient history and human behaviours, and am driven by impulse to learn. Should you find yourself here reading from my compilations, thank you, I genuinely appreciate your time. Moreover, a small response, critique or your interpretation will be much appreciated too. Thank you.

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THE SINE QUA NON OF AUTUMN 59611009/25/20161/19/2020Alliteration - Nature
HAIKU – Car 48720010/2/20161/19/2020Haiku - Life
TANKA and HAIKU – Bob Dylan 48250010/19/20161/19/2020Haiku - Tanka
THE BUTTERFLY (LE PAPILLON)4659009/27/20161/19/2020Nature - Rhyming
HAIKU - Piano 45310009/29/20161/20/2020Haiku - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
HALLOWEEN44390010/30/20161/19/2020Halloween - Rhyming
THE CHESS GAME42820010/2/20161/19/2020Ethere - Friendship, Best Friend, Friend
BABY BOOM – For baby Julia40070011/14/20161/19/2020Baby, babies, infants - Rhyming
A HEART FOR HYPATIA – *A Palindrome Hexameter: 85th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge38516002/7/20181/19/2020Long - Tributes, Memorials
THE ATLAS - Part 435560010/7/20161/19/2020Free Verse - Nature
HAIKU - Fireplace 35160010/1/20161/19/2020Haiku - Happy
A HEART FOR HYPATIA 3303003/7/20181/19/2020Epic - Tributes, Memorials
HAIKU – The Inner Child, #71 Musketeers Inspirational Challenge313110010/15/20161/19/2020Haiku - Children, young kids, child
SWORDS AND HORSES – A Petrarchan Sonnet*3125001/7/20181/19/2020Sonnets - War
LET DANDELIONS GROW30420010/15/20161/19/2020Nature - Rhyming
THERE THE SEA2906004/28/20181/19/2020Nature - Rhyming
IT NEVER REINS, BUT IT FOREVER PAWS – 89th Musketeer Memories Sharing Challenge2876006/18/20181/19/2020Funny - Limerick
AFTER THE INCLEMENT SKY28520010/3/20161/19/2020Happy - Nature
PENDULOUS BLOSSOMS: Spenserian sonnet*2816003/3/20181/19/2020Nature - Sonnets
HAIKU2682001/30/20181/19/2020Haiku - Memorial
FROM VALLOMBROSA TO PISA2662006/3/20181/19/2020Rhyming - Tributes, Memorials
WORLD WAR TEEN2657005/31/20181/19/2020School - Rhyming
THE ATLAS26480010/4/20161/19/2020Free Verse - Nature
EUCALYPTUS METROPOLIS – A TRUE KOALA TALE*2598001/22/20181/19/2020Animals - Rhyming
THE ATLAS - Part 225270010/5/20161/19/2020Free Verse - Nature
THE ATLAS - Part 325160010/6/20161/19/2020Free Verse - Nature
OPERATION OVERLORD – Tanka and Haiku2503006/6/20181/19/2020Rhyming - Tanka
OF JUNE’S WINTER SONNET2494006/27/20181/19/2020Sonnets - Winter
MEMORIAL CHALLENGE R.I.P. JEFF 'JJ' HUMPHREY2485004/12/20181/19/2020Free Verse - Memorial
I WRITE THAT I AM*24411003/11/20181/19/2020Life - Rhyming
HAIKU** – 84th Musketeer Inspirational Challenge: The sun, the moon and the truth cannot be hidden.2447001/28/20181/19/2020Haiku - Nature
THEN, TO THE SUMMIT1914006/21/20181/19/2020Narrative - Rhyming
ANTARCTICA FOR A DAY; FOR A LIFETIME – 89th Musketeer Challenge, “A cherished memory.”1876006/30/20181/19/2020Nature - Rhyming
LOVE IS! – My Most Favourite Christmas Present(s) – for Denis’s Writer’s Challenge request 8240012/13/20191/19/2020God - Thank you, gratitude
COME WALK WITH ME 6240012/17/20191/20/2020Nature - Sonnets
SATELLITES AT DAWN - When I have Time on My Hands - per Denis’s January 2020 Writer’s Challenge573001/14/20201/20/2020Life - Prose
THE GOOD SHEPHERD5240012/27/20191/20/2020Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Rhyming
WILDFIRES - A linked Haiku4820012/25/20191/20/2020Haiku - Summer
THE ASTRONAUT4200012/12/20191/19/2020Ode - Rhyming
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