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THE SINE QUA NON OF AUTUMN 52611009/25/20168/22/2019Alliteration - Nature
HAIKU – Car 44520010/2/20168/22/2019Haiku - Life
TANKA and HAIKU – Bob Dylan 41050010/19/20168/24/2019Haiku - Tanka
HALLOWEEN40590010/30/20168/22/2019Halloween - Rhyming
THE BUTTERFLY (LE PAPILLON)4019009/27/20168/22/2019Nature - Rhyming
HAIKU - Piano 38210009/29/20168/22/2019Haiku - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
BABY BOOM – For baby Julia36070011/14/20168/22/2019Baby, babies, infants - Rhyming
THE CHESS GAME35920010/2/20168/22/2019Ethere - Friendship, Best Friend, Friend
A HEART FOR HYPATIA – *A Palindrome Hexameter: 85th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge31716002/7/20188/22/2019Long - Tributes, Memorials
THE ATLAS - Part 431260010/7/20168/22/2019Free Verse - Nature
HAIKU - Fireplace 30460010/1/20168/22/2019Haiku - Happy
HAIKU – The Inner Child, #71 Musketeers Inspirational Challenge282110010/15/20168/22/2019Haiku - Children, young kids, child
LET DANDELIONS GROW27520010/15/20168/22/2019Nature - Rhyming
A HEART FOR HYPATIA 2733003/7/20188/22/2019Epic - Tributes, Memorials
SWORDS AND HORSES – A Petrarchan Sonnet*2545001/7/20188/22/2019Sonnets - War
AFTER THE INCLEMENT SKY25320010/3/20168/22/2019Happy - Nature
THE ATLAS23680010/4/20168/22/2019Free Verse - Nature
IT NEVER REINS, BUT IT FOREVER PAWS – 89th Musketeer Memories Sharing Challenge2356006/18/20188/22/2019Funny - Limerick
PENDULOUS BLOSSOMS: Spenserian sonnet*2336003/3/20188/22/2019Nature - Sonnets
FROM VALLOMBROSA TO PISA2292006/3/20188/22/2019Rhyming - Tributes, Memorials
THERE THE SEA2286004/28/20188/22/2019Nature - Rhyming
EUCALYPTUS METROPOLIS – A TRUE KOALA TALE*2288001/22/20188/23/2019Animals - Rhyming
THE ATLAS - Part 322360010/6/20168/22/2019Free Verse - Nature
HAIKU2212001/30/20188/22/2019Haiku - Memorial
THE ATLAS - Part 222070010/5/20168/22/2019Free Verse - Nature
HAIKU** – 84th Musketeer Inspirational Challenge: The sun, the moon and the truth cannot be hidden.2177001/28/20188/24/2019Haiku - Nature
MEMORIAL CHALLENGE R.I.P. JEFF 'JJ' HUMPHREY2175004/12/20188/22/2019Free Verse - Memorial
WORLD WAR TEEN2107005/31/20188/22/2019School - Rhyming
I WRITE THAT I AM*20911003/11/20188/22/2019Life - Rhyming
OF JUNE’S WINTER SONNET2084006/27/20188/23/2019Sonnets - Winter
OPERATION OVERLORD – Tanka and Haiku1963006/6/20188/24/2019Rhyming - Tanka
ANTARCTICA FOR A DAY; FOR A LIFETIME – 89th Musketeer Challenge, “A cherished memory.”1586006/30/20188/22/2019Nature - Rhyming
THEN, TO THE SUMMIT1554006/21/20188/22/2019Narrative - Rhyming
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