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I am a prolific poet from Nigeria. I have been reading and studying poetry ever since I was a child. I hope to conquer the world soon with poetry, and conquer it I will someday. This conquest stems from the fact that poetry is my expression, and my expression is poetry. I relish it as much as I relish history, and of course my own dear life.

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THE CHRIST CHILD4081005/2/20178/8/2020
A POET'S WEDDING VOW3361005/9/20178/8/2020
LUCIFER THE KING OF THE EARTH3270005/9/20178/14/2020
SNAKE: A CREATURE SO AMAZING3221005/3/20178/8/2020Nature - Prose
Christmas in war-torn Africa30710012/18/20188/8/2020
THE PROUD PEACOCK2681005/2/20178/8/2020
A Christmas Sonnet2630009/4/20188/8/2020
To Josephine de Beauharnais with love2582005/5/20198/14/2020
TRIBUTE TO PRINCESS DIANA2570005/3/20178/8/2020
NAPOLEON'S NOSTALGIA2540005/2/20178/8/2020Not Categorized - Ode
NAPOLEON'S EUROPE2531005/2/20178/8/2020
I LONG FOR A PAUPER'S GRAVE2190005/3/20178/8/2020
Samson and Delilah2191009/8/20188/8/2020
TO A BUTTERFLY2090005/2/20178/8/2020
The creation2081005/27/20198/8/2020
Adieu Felicia Enato1961002/27/20198/8/2020
Howard Carter's Expedition (1922) Revised Edition1881003/1/20198/11/2020
Good Morning Rose1821007/10/20198/14/2020In Love - Long Distance Love
Howard Carter's Expedition (1922)1740009/17/20188/8/2020
A Love letter to Josephine de Beauharnais1710005/1/20198/9/2020
Leah Sharibu the unsung heroine1550008/3/20198/8/2020
Jesus Christ my Saviour1541008/29/20198/14/2020Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Spiritual
To my love at Christmas15400011/13/20198/14/2020
Good Morning Rose1480007/10/20198/14/2020In Love - Long Distance Love
Napoleon's subservient Europe14710010/10/20198/14/2020
Snake Rhymes14300011/1/20198/8/2020
Nigeria the sleeping giant1420007/20/20198/13/2020
Weep not Nigeria1391001/17/20208/14/2020
My Nostalgic Christmas12810012/9/20198/8/2020
An old Christmas song11310012/6/20198/14/2020
My love at long last992003/9/20208/12/2020Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Marriage
Adorable British College Anthem721004/30/20208/14/2020
The birth of Christ622006/4/20208/12/2020
A letter to the racist430005/21/20208/14/2020
My Nordic Christmas Story420004/23/20208/15/2020
Fair Peacock380006/29/20208/13/2020
The Real meaning of Christmas380004/23/20208/14/2020
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