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An On-Deck Party4950004/6/20188/4/2020Thank you, gratitude - Friendship Love
TWIN LIVES (About an Ophthalmologist who balances her life as a figure-skater)4902004/6/20188/6/2020Biography - Prose
Did the squirrel want me to stay?35100010/21/20188/4/2020Ode - Thank You
Halo of Warmth ( About a criminal who speaks of his mom)3240004/6/20188/6/2020Mothers Day - Love
Belonging Elsewhere (Indian girl speaks of travel to Scotland, and experiences there)31110011/5/20188/3/2020Life - Peace
Slice of City Life ( A Poem on People in the Subway, a poetess’ impression)3092007/26/20188/6/2020
Our Sir PPC, Our Guru (My Favourite English Teacher)2891003/19/20198/3/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Teachers, Teacher
Intervening World2851006/27/20187/31/2020
My Words and Your Notes (About a Writer who connects with A Singer in another Land, online. Myself C27920011/13/20187/31/2020
Parents’ Marriage Anniversary (also My parents disliked my writing a book)2751001/17/20198/3/2020Sorry - Love
An Intangible Connection (Dedicated to Neil Perry from Dead Poets’ Society)27210011/26/20188/3/2020
The Pilot You Never Thanked (Tribute to Any Pilot Out There in the World) 2711007/9/20198/4/2020Thank you, gratitude - Thank You
Woman in a Blue Sequinned Dress26010010/18/20188/6/2020
A Cartload of Happiness24410010/13/20188/4/2020Family - Happy
The Forgotten Sepulchral 2350006/25/20198/6/2020Good Bye - Memorial
The Song That Drifted Away ( A Poem Written by Ann Indian girl at a hotel in Philadelphia)2320005/10/20197/31/2020Beautiful - Ode
The Ice Cream Seller2310004/17/20187/31/2020Love Sad - Love
Could I be Immortal? (What writing really is for a true writer at heart)1521008/9/20197/31/2020
Corona's Story1122003/26/20208/5/2020
If Rose Arose, Dear Indian Women Please Arise8400012/15/20198/5/2020
The Uncherished671003/9/20207/24/2020
Was I in Solomon’s Island? (A Memory of Hatred from Seniors at work, in PGIMER, Chandigarh)612008/3/20208/6/2020
Poem for my Indian Parents (Who Refuse to Accept me for the way I am)542007/30/20208/5/2020
Speaking Clock300007/12/20208/3/2020
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