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My thanks and appreciation to all those who have taken time to get to know me through my poetry. poet and memeber since June 2018.

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Ode to Greatness3631006/23/20188/18/2019Blank Verse - Ode
The Art2732006/17/20188/21/2019Not Categorized - Prose
The Guardian Angles2562008/19/20188/17/2019Free Verse - Prose
Why I Write2491008/27/20188/17/2019Narrative - Prose
Chaddy Friday2433008/31/20188/20/2019Free Verse - Poet
It Was Now Time Like Never Before 23750010/21/20188/17/2019Free Verse - Peace
Toughts of You2291008/31/20188/18/2019Free Verse - Lost Love
The Art of Creation2220006/23/20188/17/2019Peace - Prose
Love Will Save The Day20730010/6/20188/17/2019Free Verse - Prose
The 93rd MUSKETEER CHALLENGE: I TOO HAVE BECOME A POET AT HEART...20760010/11/20188/19/2019Free Verse - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
You Weren't Supposed To Write Prophecy20420010/1/20188/17/2019Free Verse - Prose
The Heart That Follows20430011/5/20188/20/2019Free Verse - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
The Hopeful Messenger 2022009/11/20188/20/2019Hope - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
I Like To Read My Writing...20140011/2/20188/18/2019Poet - Prose
Humanity's Admonition2002008/27/20188/17/2019Free Verse - Peace
Inspirational Words from 8/151910008/19/20188/17/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Narrative
All I Wanted To Do Was Be Around You,1900008/31/20188/17/2019Prose - Love
The Place Where Golden Lotus Petals Are Found18530010/29/20188/17/2019Not Categorized - Prose
The 95th Challenege Farwell: The Christmas Craze #41756001/2/20198/17/2019Not Categorized - Christmas
The Art of Well Crafted Ramblings17340011/19/20188/17/2019Narrative - Poet
94th Challenge on Voicesnet "To Succeed In Life, You Need Three Things"17160011/9/20188/20/2019Free Verse - Not Categorized
95th Challenege: The Christmas Craze #316620012/24/20188/17/2019Free Verse - Christmas
Paradise In Ashes15950011/23/20188/17/2019Free Verse - Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart
You're Money!15810011/27/20188/17/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Sonnets
The 99th Challenge: Diversity 1474004/10/20198/17/2019Blank Verse - Peace
The Christmas Blizzard13720012/11/20188/20/2019Holidays - Christmas
95th Challenege: The Christmas Craze #213660012/14/20188/17/2019Rhyming - Christmas
One Who Makes A Difference1343001/27/20198/17/2019Free Verse - Peace
Connection1334001/12/20198/17/2019Free Verse - Love
Ode to Keats 1202003/20/20198/21/2019Ode - Poet
The Call For Peace Was Yesterday 1172001/22/20198/18/2019Free Verse - Peace
Moving On1154003/13/20198/17/2019Free Verse - Life
Enter The Grand New Age1143003/5/20198/17/2019Peace - Prose
96th Challenge: "Every Heart Sings A Song Incomplete Until..."1134001/11/20198/17/2019Peace - God
98th Title Challenge: For There Are Many Great Deeds Done in the Small Struggles of Li1118003/9/20198/17/2019Hope - Political, War, International
Introspect1023003/29/20198/21/2019Life - Prose
97th Title Challenge: 2nd Take for William Willis1014002/16/20198/17/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Poet
God Made Me Great1001004/22/20198/20/2019Free Verse - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
More Work To Be Done973002/5/20198/18/2019Free Verse - Poet
97th Title Challenge "And You'll Go Fly Your Magic Carpet"964002/8/20198/17/2019Prose - Love
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