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Riding on my own...I SPEED

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Fire and Ice16610155/18/20101/18/2019
Last Letter's Pattern13400152/16/20081/18/2019Not Categorized - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
DIVE INTO A DREAM12560149/16/20101/19/2019
Can't get the best of me ... can't hold me down11630008/14/20101/19/2019
In Love and Lonely10820285/19/20041/17/2019
The ghost of yesterday10220148/14/20101/13/2019
...A DISTANCE THERE IS...10122148/29/20101/15/2019
the Passion and the Fury8781008/14/20101/20/2019
If/ Then/ Else8480298/29/20101/18/2019
A man or beast have I grown into?8370158/14/20101/19/2019
... a distance there is...8281008/14/20101/19/2019
WRECKAGE OF OUR LOVE81701412/4/20101/19/2019
In time of night8070004/6/20111/20/2019
OUT OF THE DARK7931154/3/20121/18/2019Hope - Love
Dreaming by the sea6790144/18/20121/19/2019Hope - Love
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