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Please feel free to rate my poems. I'm a 67 y.o. woman, and was born in the wheatfields of the Wimmera, and married a dairy famer cum engineer from Gippsland (who died in 2006). We raised a son and a daughter (now adults) near Sherbrooke Forest, lived for a decade in Bayside, and have returned to the hills of the Dandenong Ranges. I've worked in teaching, management, writing and publishing. I love nature, science, music, literature and contributing to community and political life. Most of all, I enjoy a widening and deepening circle of friendships.

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RUNNING WATER (Onomatopoeia) 9357422913457/13/20088/25/2019Nature - Onomatopoeia
BOUNCING BASKETBALL 704181026306/29/20088/24/2019Basketball - Onomatopoeia
BAKE A CAKE (Onomatopoeia) 555371015177/19/20088/25/2019Onomatopoeia - Children, young kids, child
WIND AND RAIN (Onomatopoeia)520331024177/8/20088/24/2019Onomatopoeia - Season
FATHER-DAUGHTER CODE47568363135/12/20088/21/2019Daughter to Father - Family
SOFTLY SWISHING SEA SWELLS (Alliterative Onomatopoeia)471084931310/26/20088/25/2019Alliteration - Onomatopoeia
SOCCER46522481110/21/20088/23/2019Soccer - Sports
BRILLIANT BASKETBALL BOUNCERS 36788362106/9/20088/25/2019Alliteration - Basketball
PLAYING SPORT3085812115/16/20088/23/2019Hockey - Sports
MONDAY MORNING MOANING288147531110/13/20088/22/2019Alliteration - Funny
TOOT! TOOT! TOURIST TRAIN 2798072266/4/20088/24/2019Alliteration - Onomatopoeia
MARCHING BAND 258689851912/27/20078/25/2019Music, Instruments, Lyrics - Onomatopoeia
BROTHER AND SISTER25702172610/21/20088/21/2019Brothers - Sisters
GENTLE SOUND OF RAIN (Onomatopoeia)24197303137/22/20098/25/2019Onomatopoeia - Winter
STORMY WIND239101013134/30/20088/24/2019Nature - Onomatopoeia
SPORTS INJURIES 2303425275/18/20088/24/2019Onomatopoeia - Sports
SWIMMERS’ STROKES (Alliterative Onomatopoeia)2229014277/13/20088/25/2019Alliteration - Onomatopoeia
FOOTBALL2201523155/5/20088/21/2019Football - Friendship, Best Friend, Friend
SCHOOL BELLS RING211323121011/22/20088/24/2019Onomatopoeia - Teachers, Teacher
WASH, WASH, WASH (Onomatopoeia)1801422138/31/20088/25/2019Life - Onomatopoeia
HONKING HORNS17995241112/9/20088/21/2019Alliteration - Onomatopoeia
MR MAGIC1700817134/7/20088/24/2019Funny - Narrative
KIDS’ BASKETBALL160420116/4/20088/22/2019Basketball - Sports
SIBLINGS 159449396/5/20088/21/2019Brothers - Sisters
BUTTERFLY 156283711393/13/20088/21/2019Nature - Simile
THANK YOU FOR SHOWING 1534012127/18/20088/21/2019Thank you, gratitude - Thank You
'STOLEN GENERATION'1520813156/13/20098/25/2019Family - Political, War, International
BOXING 1516514263/28/20088/22/2019Boxing - Life
SEE THE SKATER (Onomatopoeia)141954118/29/20088/25/2019Onomatopoeia - Sports
DAY IN LIFE OF WOOD CHUCKER 13947663111/22/20088/24/2019Funny Narrative - Onomatopoeia
FRIENDSHIPS CINQUAIN 13698272105/26/20088/25/2019Cinquain - Friendship, Best Friend, Friend
FOOTY SEASON 1365223135/26/20088/21/2019Football - Sports
BULLY 135436356/4/20088/24/2019Hockey - Sports
LEAVES11865869362/26/20078/25/2019Fall - Season
GOOD NIGHT SLEEPY ONE111915131211/18/20078/24/2019Ballad - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
FIREBIRD10465132611/1/20078/25/2019Allusion - Birds
SOCCER'S A GREAT SPORT102083114/11/20108/22/2019Haiku - Soccer
GOLD RUSH ONOMATOPOEIA 1015117115/8/20088/21/2019Narrative - Onomatopoeia
BETTER BUDDIES1008541152/20/20088/23/2019Alliteration - Short
FAMILY TALE 100062752112/27/20078/24/2019Funny - Narrative
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