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Please feel free to rate my poems. I'm a 67 y.o. woman, and was born in the wheatfields of the Wimmera, and married a dairy famer cum engineer from Gippsland (who died in 2006). We raised a son and a daughter (now adults) near Sherbrooke Forest, lived for a decade in Bayside, and have returned to the hills of the Dandenong Ranges. I've worked in teaching, management, writing and publishing. I love nature, science, music, literature and contributing to community and political life. Most of all, I enjoy a widening and deepening circle of friendships.

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ALLITERATIVE ONOMATOPOEIA 9644250010/25/200810/17/2019Alliteration - Onomatopoeia
FALLING IN LOVE93839373/15/200910/17/2019Simile - Falling in Love
SOFTLY SINGS SWEET SUMMER 836421156/9/200810/17/2019Alliteration - Summer
FRANCIS DUGGAN, POET 79274143/18/200810/17/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
WILL YOU GIVE ANOTHER CHANCE77882156/9/200910/17/2019Missing You - I'm Sorry Love
LOVING DAUGHTER 73670003/16/200810/17/2019Daughters - Family
WORKING PARENTS 7243342101/23/200810/17/2019Baby, babies, infants - Onomatopoeia
DOUBLE U 7223351112/30/200710/17/2019Alliteration - Blank Verse
SOUNDSCAPE (Onomatopoeia) 70866287/6/200810/17/2019Life - Onomatopoeia
GRIEF CATCHES UNAWARES66363149/29/200810/15/2019Hockey - Life
REALLY ROMANTIC RHYME (Alliteration) 65329157/17/200810/17/2019Alliteration - Love
Fool's Gold62249289/20/200710/17/2019Free Verse - Narrative
BLUEBIRDS 59587282/14/200810/17/2019Allusion - Love
PITTER PATTER (Onomatopoeia)594783136/2/200910/15/2019Onomatopoeia - Rhyming 2
‘KITCHEN TEA’ 59250122/11/200810/17/2019Life - Narrative
BALLAD OF ANNALEE555315275/26/200810/17/2019Ballad - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
BLANKET OF FRIENDSHIP554842810/16/200710/17/2019Thank you, gratitude - Friendship Love
HOW SAD IT IS WHEN FRIENDS TURN INTO FOES550541411/20/200910/17/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Sonnets
BEAUTY BUILDING 543011141/24/200810/17/2019Alliteration - Short
PLEASE DON'T GO AWAY541311285/28/200910/17/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Haiku
BOXING DAY539021512/26/200910/17/2019Rhyming 2 - Christmas
NEVER GROAN, MOAN OR GRIZZLE (Onomatopoeia)52114255/8/200910/14/2019Onomatopoeia - Rhyming
SLIPPING AWAY 51442007/31/200810/17/2019Missing You - I'm Sorry Love
RAIN, THE RAIN5086160012/12/200810/17/2019Onomatopoeia - Rhyming 2
BARAK OBAMA US PRESIDENT (Acrostic)50027151/20/200910/17/2019Acrostics - Political, War, International
DANCE WITH TRIBE (Onomatopoeia)49838284/5/200910/17/2019Music, Instruments, Lyrics - Onomatopoeia
PILOT 487141512/27/200710/18/2019Funny - Narrative
SCHOOL HOLIDAYS48184299/21/201010/17/2019Birds - Holidays
ARRIVE IN STRANRAER SCOTLAND469320010/6/200810/15/2019Hockey - Life
FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY457350012/13/201110/17/2019Birthday - Birthday Love
ITCH4557211211/29/200810/17/2019Alliteration - Narrative
YOU SHOWED A WAY4471122710/13/200810/17/2019Thank you, gratitude - Thank You
KNAVE OF HEARTS44471372710/14/200710/17/2019Ballad - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
GREAT-NEPHEW BORN42487001/25/201010/16/2019Babies, Baby Showers - Birthday
BALLAD OF FRANCIS AND JULIA 41921132/26/200810/17/2019Ballad - Narrative
FIRE MONKEY41780003/27/200810/17/2019Funny - Friendship, Best Friend, Friend
BETWEEN OUYEN AND HOPETOUN41373004/12/200910/15/2019Hockey - Nature
WITH CHRISTMAS COMING411271512/14/201110/17/2019Christmas - Christmas Love
WORD PLAY (1) 4107101511/20/200710/17/2019Funny - Narrative
FARM FOOTY IN FALLOW 41024115/14/200810/17/2019Alliteration - Football
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