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Long retired from my landscape gardening business - over 30 years -, I have been composing mainly rhymed poetry as a hobby. This after a sabbatical of some forty years! A pleasure much enjoyed, when winter prevents me from working in my two acre garden, which is my primary love! Have my own web site - needs updating - which you are welcome to visit. It will tell you far more of me and the book of poetry I had published - Poetic Musings of an Older Mind - than I can post here. If interested? Check out
Hope to see you around. Denis aka Rhymer.

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Alliteration of “O” for October.6144631510/2/201511/20/2019Alliteration - Cacophony
Alliteration of "J" for January.51253001/1/201611/20/2019Alliteration - Rhyming
An Ant Alliteration an Alliterate Award!237122811/8/201411/21/2019Alliteration - Rhyming 2
July Jargon - An Alliteration of "J"!21094296/30/201511/20/2019Alliteration - Rhyming
M, M and M - An Alliteration of “M”.183732103/20/201511/21/2019Alliteration - Rhyming
NIAGARA FALLS1783831211/19/200411/20/2019Nature - Season
February. An Alliteration.171742102/1/201511/20/2019Alliteration - Season
Let Your Talent Soar!16751031410/26/201311/20/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Rhyming 2
Passing the Baton 16569152/4/201311/20/2019
The Three Musketeers162163151/3/201311/20/2019Analogy - Narrative
Blinky.161283141/30/201411/20/2019Cats - Love
November Alliteration.1501631511/2/201511/20/2019Alliteration - Not Categorized
I’m An Octogenarian.1497106301/26/201411/20/2019Life - Narrative
December Alliteration.1490321012/1/201511/20/2019Alliteration - Season
August Alliteration.13981158/1/201511/20/2019Alliteration - Humorous
The Drought!138475243/25/201411/20/2019Analogy - Poet
Jonah and the Whale.136021511/9/201411/20/2019Narrative - Long
An Acrostic Combination1349631512/10/201211/20/2019Acrostics - Winter
An Abecedarian Alliteration.131662102/15/201411/20/2019Alliteration - ABC
If adversity gets the better of you.VN 38th Challenge.12071473512/8/201311/20/2019Life - Rhyming
“O” For October Alliteration.119320010/21/201611/21/2019Alliteration - Season
An Animal Acrostic111571511/29/201211/20/2019
Aurora Borealis.(An Acrostic)110463159/12/201411/20/2019Acrostics - Nature
Footprints in The Snow.1088852411/23/201411/20/2019Allegory - Life
September Alliteration.10803009/6/201611/20/2019Alliteration - Season
Christmas Ornament.1068652512/3/201311/20/2019Rhyming - Christmas
An Alliteration of “S” for September!104140010/2/201711/20/2019Alliteration - Narrative
The Rabbit.10405151/21/201411/20/2019Nature - Narrative
Is It Possible?103594209/22/201411/20/2019Not Categorized - Rhyming
Mad March Alliteration!10023003/1/201611/20/2019Alliteration - Humorous
Happy New Year .(An Acrostic.)993731512/30/201311/20/2019Acrostics - Rhyming 2
Abecedarian Poem. (An Alphabetical Exercise)9821041910/21/201311/20/2019ABC - Rhyming 2
Dogs.97633151/15/201511/20/2019Dogs - Narrative
January Alliteration.9765001/15/201711/20/2019Alliteration - Humorous
Musketeers 25th Inspirational Challenge.9731231411/4/201211/20/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Rhyming 2
The Wandering Minstrel.96922109/18/201411/20/2019Ballad - Narrative
Primrose Bank.96986294/30/201411/20/2019Nature - Season
Winter's (never-ending )Wrath.9645153/6/201411/20/2019Nature - Sonnets
January .96023131/2/201511/20/2019Alliteration - Season
Musketeer Moving House Continues.95543142/5/201311/20/2019Acrostics - Rhyming
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