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Long retired from my landscape gardening business - over 30 years -, I have been composing mainly rhymed poetry as a hobby. This after a sabbatical of some forty years! A pleasure much enjoyed, when winter prevents me from working in my two acre garden, which is my primary love! Have my own web site - needs updating - which you are welcome to visit. It will tell you far more of me and the book of poetry I had published - Poetic Musings of an Older Mind - than I can post here. If interested? Check out
Hope to see you around. Denis aka Rhymer. .Still around and coping - but a tad slower!
Updated December 21st. 2019

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Musketeer Moving House Continues.100143142/5/20136/4/2020Acrostics - Rhyming
This afternoon all the clocks went wrong!945135259/11/20136/4/2020
#30 Inspirational Challenge by Lynne Colgrave.The Four Seasons of Life.926114204/9/20136/4/2020Life - Not Categorized
Sardonicism!890421012/6/20136/4/2020Life - Rhyming
D’Artagnan. Recuperation After Surgery.8603157/11/20136/4/2020Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Rhyming 2
The Uncertainty of Life’s Path. Dedicated to all the ill, who might wonder about the future.857842010/6/20136/4/2020
The Final Curtain!8284291/30/20146/4/2020Metaphor - Like
D’Artagnan.81292101/5/20136/4/2020Not Categorized - Narrative
Contradictions! An Example of Amphigory79020010/9/20156/4/2020Burlesque - Humorous
Christmas.745231012/11/20136/4/2020Rhyming 2 - Christmas
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.743752111/4/20146/4/2020Political, War, International - Memorial Day
Colours of My World.73833152/11/20146/4/2020Allegory - Metaphor
Denis Barter replies in kind to Eddie Jepson.72363158/20/20155/30/2020Acrostics - Rhyming
My Wheelbarrow or Better Days!72063153/14/20145/30/2020Analogy - Like
The Baton Change.7035159/3/20146/4/2020Carpe Diem - Rhyming
Christmas Traditions for My Soul. 49th Musketeer Challenge.701862812/7/20145/30/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Christmas
I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas701641912/10/20145/30/2020Humorous - Christmas
Fall is Fast Approaching. As Summer Prepares to Depart.69875259/10/20145/30/2020Acrostics - Rhyming
Illusions.64921512/6/20136/1/2020Analogy - Rhyming 2
The Final Curtain!64631412/6/20135/30/2020Life - Not Categorized
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A biographical account.643221012/3/20145/30/2020Narrative - Christmas
26th Musketeer Challenge - Challenger Entry.6371331511/28/20125/30/2020Acrostics - Rhyming
An Alliterative ABeCedarian Composition63455249/22/20145/30/2020Alliteration - ABC
A Mining Abecedarian. (Eddie Jepson - Son of a Miner)623521010/23/20135/30/2020Life - Narrative
The Meaning of Xmas.619521012/18/20145/30/2020Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Christmas
Valentine’s Day! (For husbands.)6191152/13/20156/5/2020Valentines Day - I'm Sorry Love
The Military Cemetery.617221011/10/20146/4/2020Memorial - Veterans
December Diatribe - Dismal and Depressing!613431512/30/20146/5/2020Alliteration - Rhyming
Sole Mate Lost!60242102/19/20156/5/2020Burlesque - Humorous
Boy to Youth59184183/31/20145/30/2020ABC - Life
Eddie: A Retired Coal Miner.58361510/6/20145/30/2020Life - Narrative
An Acrostic for the 30th Inspirational Challenge.57483154/14/20135/30/2020Acrostics - Rhyming 2
The Clock Moves On.571631511/1/20145/30/2020Life - Retirement
Our Senses558652512/13/20145/30/2020Nature - Not Categorized
Easter5542004/4/20155/30/2020Easter - Life
Triskaidekaphobia. An Acrostic.5451262/13/20155/30/2020Acrostics - Rhyming
VN 29th Baton Holder Challenge.543114123/9/20135/30/2020
The Pains and Pangs of Gardening!54073145/20/20145/30/2020Narrative - Biography
A Celebration of Life.53953157/27/20155/30/2020Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Good Bye
Twenty one Today.5383155/3/20155/30/2020Acrostics - Birthday
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