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I was born and live in the west, and have been writing poems since I was four. I never talked much, and my mother showed me how too express my thoughts and feelings on paper. I found as I did so, my spelling,and grammer improved, as well as my self-confidence and typing skills. I believe that each of us are one of a kind, and special and can write poetry each in their own way. Each of us are different, not more so or less so, just different.
I look forward to reading poetry by others, and your poems included!
What I write about is not always about me, it can be about many other things. With writing poems or with writing, it can be true or created. Thank you for taking the time to read my poems!
When asked what is my favorite poems I have written is? It is " Fishing " " Aunt Margret's Angel " " Thank You " " My Best Friend " " Tiger Bear " " The Spider" " The Farmer" "Snowflakes." My first poems,as there is something special about your very first poems.

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A FARMER14221198389/23/20046/15/2019Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather - Tributes, Memorials
THANKS!128895012526/28/20046/15/2019Thank You - Christian Love
Mountain of conviction, flame of feeling !10725187336/16/20136/7/2019Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc. - Spiritual
" ANGEL IN MY POCKET ! "8902148357/1/20106/11/2019Angel - Life
EVERGREEN8730128319/23/20046/15/2019Free - Summer
THE GOLDEN GATE, MY CREATION8595454197/1/20126/10/2019
" BEING DIFFERENT "8560238355/1/20106/15/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Nature
THE SPIDER8507175228/5/20046/10/2019Animals - Nature
DEATH AMONG THE ROSES7976676286/1/20126/16/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
Forty-Five - Tin Soldiers79122811552/26/20136/9/2019Children, children's - Life
The blue ink pen!757875256/10/20136/15/2019Cute - Life
I Do Care !715284187/9/20116/15/2019God - Friend Love
Common Everyday lies 6740165234/20/20126/9/2019Written - Spoken Word
Fall Leaves669344181/13/20116/16/2019Acrostics - Fall
Lobster6439132106/24/20126/13/2019Nature - Children, young kids, child
COME FLY A KITE WITH ME !6252303143/2/20116/15/2019Happy - Spring
BEE HAPPY !6242162105/1/20126/14/2019Happy - Nature
Precious Jewels5941184208/29/20126/16/2019Birds - Nature
" MY MOTHER ! "58161442010/1/20106/15/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Mother, mom, mommy
SNOWFLAKES580984178/11/20076/11/2019Nature - Winter
BABY GIRL5761153144/6/20106/13/2019Dogs - Greatest Love
Full Moon5726196286/23/20136/13/2019Free Verse - Nature
A FISHY STORY5635115244/23/20076/11/2019Cats - Not Categorized
My Dog bugged me !5632124168/3/20116/13/2019Dogs - Missing You
" Manners Count ! "550496259/17/20106/14/2019Children, children's - Rhyming 2
Wings of white5440268368/30/20126/13/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Hope
A special box !542752107/12/20136/14/2019Friend Love - Friendship Love
Can you image a world without trees?5331216309/27/20126/16/2019
CALIFORNIA POPPIES528074174/26/20086/13/2019Life - Spring
WHY DOES A FROG HIDE ?525833111/21/20106/16/2019Animals - Life
My Grandma5240134206/18/20136/6/2019Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
Dog523252101/16/20116/10/2019Cinquain - Dogs
HAPPY BIRTHDAY518196259/28/20086/13/2019Birthday - More Happy
Meow! Let me out, Now!51271442010/11/20125/31/2019Cats - Children, children's
Autumn Beauty5087104209/27/20126/15/2019
" MY FRIEND NOTHING, THE DRAGON ! "5030331511/24/20126/10/2019Friendship, Best Friend, Friend - Friendship Love
Dad502663141/16/20116/13/2019Cinquain - Father
Teacher For A Day !5023125249/17/20106/7/2019School - Children, young kids, child
LET YOUR IMAGINATION FLY502092104/2/20116/14/2019Children - Kids
Cotton Candy496018291/4/20126/12/2019Happy - Like
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