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The Truth is Manger Nonfiction, and one day, some may stay the same as Sunday. We have the capacity for catastrophe. So have Mighty-sight, knights for the right fight. The G-D that parted the Red Sea, will set you free, once you see the red parts of the Word. Being most careful to take oneself seriously, is seriously taking care of oneself.

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SYLLOGIZING SYNCHRONICITY (EFFECTIVELY UNAFFECTED)11340113/25/200612/6/2019Political, War, International - Sonnets
Comet Complex2000011/29/201912/6/2019Christian - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
Satan's Grave is God's to Give1100011/29/201912/6/2019Christian - Thanksgiving
Redux1000011/29/201912/5/2019Christian - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
Rage on Parade1000011/29/201912/5/2019Christian - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
To Tempt the Tent900011/29/201912/6/2019Christian - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
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