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Writing poetry was something I never thought about. Then, one day, something I was trying to describe in a novel came out as poetry, now "November's Child".
I am the author of the ongoing Dreamtime series of paranormal fiction set in southeast Connecticut, USA. The novels (5 so far) are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions. Visit my author page at:

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DECEMBER'S CHILD435700012/2/200812/11/2019Life - Winter
September's Child38384269/8/200812/11/2019Fall - Life
Haiku for Self Esteem32300136/17/200912/8/2019Women - Haiku
APRIL'S CHILD30661134/15/200812/5/2019Life - Spring
DRAGONFLIES IN SEPTEMBER30174007/20/200612/5/2019Haiku - Nature
JANUARY'S CHILD300220012/24/200812/10/2019Life - Winter
August's Child25823008/28/200812/5/2019Life - Summer
February's Child25161111/21/200912/5/2019Life - Winter
MISUNDERSTOOD25143144/24/200612/10/2019Cats - Haiku
JULY'S CHILD18972007/9/200812/9/2019Life - Summer
I Like Geckos187300012/29/201012/6/2019Haiku - Nature
PRAYER FOR EARLY SPRING18251002/6/201112/5/2019Hope - Winter
WILD MORNING GLORIES17971117/11/201012/11/2019Haiku - Summer
October's Child177630010/11/200812/8/2019Fall - Life
THE LESSON17332003/1/201112/5/2019Teachers, Teacher - Thank You
Little Kitten17212154/12/201112/5/2019Cats - Children, children's
AUGUST'S CHILD16960148/11/200812/6/2019Life - Summer
COLD ENOUGH TO SNOW169280012/26/201012/7/2019Nature - Winter
FOG ON THE BEACH16714008/5/200912/5/2019Haiku - Summer
November Dragonfly165531411/21/200912/5/2019Nature - Spiritual
JUNE'S CHILD16520006/8/200812/6/2019Life - Summer
THE BLACK CAT SONG16053136/10/200812/5/2019Cats - Children, children's
NOVEMBER'S CHILD, A SELF PORTRAIT159454144/27/200612/11/2019Free - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
HURTING GOD'S EARS15243007/20/200612/8/2019Funny - Haiku
SHORELINE RAILROAD15001008/5/200912/10/2019Haiku - Life
EVERYBODY WANTS A PIECE OF ME14850004/24/200612/10/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Other
NOVENA14640004/27/200612/10/2019Haiku - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
DANCING DRESS14595009/6/201012/10/2019Nature - Summer
THE EARTHWORM THAT WANTED TO FLY14542157/13/200612/10/2019Children, children's - Nature
November's Child Goes Outside136041311/8/200912/9/2019Fall - Nature
Summer Music13311007/11/201012/5/2019Haiku - Summer
Silly Music13134003/19/201112/5/2019Happy - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
HURTING THE CAT'S EARS12841004/29/200812/5/2019Funny - Haiku
Summer People12750007/11/201012/5/2019Haiku - Summer
Winter Night Sky12700002/17/200912/5/2019Haiku - Winter
Beach Path on a June Morning12582006/27/201012/5/2019Nature - Summer
Railroad Boys12201156/18/201012/6/2019Haiku - Summer
Winter Night by Streetlight12080001/14/201112/8/2019Haiku - Winter
MARCH'S CHILD11970003/17/200812/5/2019Life - Spring
Evergreen Grove117100011/25/200812/5/2019Fall - Haiku
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