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R. Anthony H. Rock; born in Guyana (formerly British Guyana, South America), in August of 1959.
Educated in Trinidad, Barbados & Canada. Earth his muse, with inspiration from the simple, good, bad, and ugly; the naturally unnatural Nature, the emotionally obsessed, and non-philosophical individuals encountered in the ever-changing landscape, the tapestry of the World. The Quest, a search for Balance, Harmony, Inner Peace & Truth.
Activist - Humanitarian - Philosopher - Author
(also listed as R. Rock or R. A. Howard Rock)

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Wishes and Dreams12977122511/27/20067/10/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Metaphor
WISHES AND DREAMS966941211/27/20067/3/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Metaphor
POET'S DREAM16881009/19/20066/29/2020Happy - Not Categorized
Stream660004/17/20207/9/2020Hope - Prose
Life & Time571004/17/20207/5/2020Analogy - Life
Zesty Alphabet560004/17/20207/7/2020
PEACE561005/26/20207/10/2020Peace - Memorial
Father's Day551005/11/20207/4/2020Fathers Day - Prose
Knowing 2 Fathers530004/17/20207/4/2020Analogy - Fathers Day
Winter's Wish521005/20/20207/10/2020Narrative - Season
Where Am I?520004/17/20207/6/2020Analogy - Poet
Poet's Dream401005/11/20207/5/2020Narrative - Prose
Justice?360005/10/20207/4/2020Political, War, International - Prose
Beneath Thy Feet350005/10/20207/9/2020Nature - Peace
Freewill350005/10/20207/5/2020Peace - Prose
Parable350005/10/20207/5/2020Life - Prose
Zenith of Truth340005/20/20207/9/2020Metaphor - Narrative
IF330005/20/20207/7/2020Heart - Narrative
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