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Hello, Friends. I am Satheesan Rangorath, my friends call me Sathee. I am from India. I was born in in a small village called Elappulli, Palakkad DT, in Kerala State, situated on the southwestern tip of Indian Sub-continent.

I have been married since 1978 to my wife Saroja. We have no children. I should say that I started writing poems seriously after I joined I had no idea that my work would be appealing to somebody.

Yes, my mother-in-law used to read my poems and had appreciated them very much. She was my only fan. It is her wish that I should publish my poems in book form. Maybe one day I will. I blog at under MY STORIES, it is a semi-autobiographical sketch of my child hood.

I spent a major part of life in the on a banking job. I have now settled in peacefully with my wife. I have a few little hobbies like poems, writing, and spirituality. That is it for the time being.



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MIRROR HOUSE7663143/2/20077/30/2020
DISCOVERY TRUTH7384004/7/20117/30/2020
UNDER THE ACACIA TREE7271003/8/20148/4/2020
IN A MOMENT OF TIME7192143/4/20078/4/2020
I FALL ASLEEP UNAWARE7034143/3/20077/30/2020
ATTRIBUTES IN NAME AND FORM6880003/1/20077/30/2020
POET OF SOIL6800004/25/20087/30/2020
WHEN LABURNUM BLOOMS6770003/13/20077/30/2020
IMAGINATIVE LOVE6735142/23/20097/30/2020
HANDS OF GOD6722006/23/20108/4/2020
STILL I CAN HEAR YOU6660003/3/20077/30/2020
SNOBBERY PUNCH6530148/10/20077/30/2020
BLOW AWAY THE WORLD6450003/22/20078/1/2020
NINE ELEVEN6382143/19/20077/30/2020
FINE TUNING6374143/21/20077/30/2020
DRY LEAVES FALLl6323152/26/20077/30/2020
BROKEN GLASS IDOLS6293003/6/20077/30/2020
I HAD A COLLECTION OF CRYSTAL IDOLS6141153/5/20077/30/2020
A SOFT KISS60940011/10/20098/4/2020
JUST SOME THOUGHTS6044143/17/20077/30/2020
WAKING UP5934147/5/20088/4/2020
SHE LISTENS592101511/24/20117/30/2020
HER NATURE5904001/7/20118/4/2020
UNTIL NEXT DAWN5872143/4/20077/30/2020
EXCEPT YOUR SMILE5792143/4/20077/30/2020
YOUR ARMS AROUND ME5782143/18/20077/30/2020
LIFE CONTINUES5760007/23/20097/30/2020
A SMILE5764143/17/20077/30/2020
THAT IS LIFE5762143/5/20077/30/2020
A PIN5683143/13/20077/30/2020
Traditions for my Christmas soul-(-My humble contribution to the 49 Challenge)5671152112/6/20147/30/2020
LET US PLAY MARBLES AGAIN5666009/6/20117/30/2020
GLIDING MEMORIES5614001/6/20127/30/2020
MY NATURE5601253/5/20078/1/2020
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