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Hello there. I’m Edgar R. Eslit, a budding poet they say. Jokes here. Well, seriously, poets please themselves. There is nothing to stop good writers producing work that they like reading. Or what they consider worth reading. A beginner may ask: Do I have the talent to make it as a writer? Tutors handle the matter tactfully, saying that determination is essential to unlock the depths of a writer’s personality and potential. But without increasing absorption, fascination and sheer pleasure in literary craftsmanship, that talent will never see the light of day. Native ability and hard work are essential to poetry, and pleasure is the stimulus to both. So, what’s in Poetry that I like most? Well, I believe poetry will lead us to the superior truth in such versatile and wide-ranging end. It’s a special mode of knowledge and it has convenience as it gives sheer pleasure to me and my readers. Poetry simply gives me a sense of fulfillment that somehow it's getting one’s heart grow fonder.

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Making Me Complete14728154152/19/20079/19/2019
In ten seconds118976292/18/20089/19/2019
My promise of love93128152/12/20089/19/2019
To my Alma Mater924753115/2/20079/19/2019
Count Your Blessings88782262/19/20079/19/2019
MANNY PACQUIAO, MANNY PACQUIAO701741410/3/20079/19/2019
Just by a Toad62501052810/24/20079/19/2019
Surprise to Death52024392/19/20079/19/2019
Manny Pacquiao, Manny Pacquiao487112910/1/20079/19/2019
Your smile481112159/6/20079/19/2019
Wish44175262/19/20079/19/2019Birthday - Happy
What's the Fuss?38841492/19/20079/19/2019
SURPRISE TO DAETH32861282/19/20079/19/2019
First Two Magic Words2948143102/19/20079/19/2019
Haiku 4 (Rainy days)28243244/25/20079/19/2019
Unsolicited Advice27392265/11/20079/19/2019
Reality Dream26875272/19/20079/19/2019
Hug and kisses for you my love26343257/14/20079/19/2019
Legacy Lingers262543102/19/20079/19/2019
Analemma Solstice259577232/19/20079/19/2019
Magic Touch24692132/19/20079/19/2019
The word is not enough24681257/19/20079/19/2019
Writing Lyrics for the Deaf and Mute22013274/28/20079/19/2019
That child in me211514277/3/20079/19/2019
Tears in silent words20690151/11/20089/19/2019
When I think of Christmas202231411/12/20079/19/2019
Look who's talking19451002/18/20089/19/2019
Potion in Motion19294262/19/20079/19/2019
Haiku 5 (Visual review)18550264/25/20079/19/2019
Hope to hope184735182/19/20079/19/2019
Omni Ode182811410/5/20079/19/2019
Gift for Evelyn182535145/7/20079/19/2019
Exquisite world177022510/8/20079/19/2019
Why not only me?174637252/19/20079/19/2019
Haiku 1 (A Theme for Love)17421114/24/20079/19/2019
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