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Literature is translating emotions and facts from truth to fiction. It’s like a borderline syndrome; between sanity and insanity there’s fine dividing line. Similarly, non-fiction can be transformed into fiction. Virginia Woolf said, ‘There must be great freedom from reality.’ For Goethe, art was art because it was not nature. That’s what I like about fiction, this ability of transforming mundane things in life to jewels through the use of words. Rilke mentioned one ought to describe beauty with inner, quiet, humble righteousness. Approach nature and show what you see and experienced, loved and lost.(Satis Shroff)

Satis Shroff is a prolific writer and teaches Creative Writing at the Freiburger University of Education (PH). He is a lecturer, poet and writer and the published author of five books: Im Schatten des Himalaya (book of poems in German), Through Nepalese Eyes (travelogue), Katmandu, Katmandu (poetry and prose anthology by Nepalese authors, edited by Satis Shroff), and two l

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The Lure of the Himalayas (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)460663104/24/20079/20/2019Ballad - Tributes, Memorials
Kathmandu is Nepal (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)45733394/24/20079/19/2019Brothers - Life
MY NEPAL, QUO VADIS? (SATIS SHROFF, FREIBURG)26202144/25/20079/19/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Political, War, International
Lyrik Beyond Cultural Confines (Satis Shroff)22941114/7/20099/19/2019Nature - Not Categorized
The Sea Swells (Satis Shroff)21725274/24/20079/19/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Tributes, Memorials
Dalai Lama: The Ocean of Wisdom21023148/16/20079/19/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Not Categorized
Music in My Heart (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)20563264/27/20079/20/2019Life - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
THE NAKED HILLS (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)193643104/30/20079/19/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Political, War, International
ON CAROLINE WALTER (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)19123294/30/20079/19/2019Life - Tributes, Memorials
THE BROKEN POET (SATIS SHROFF, FREIBURG)18652147/26/20079/19/2019Life - Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death
THE NEPALESE REALITY (SATIS SHROFF, FREIBURG)18391144/24/20079/20/2019Political, War, International - War
A Disrupted Life (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)18154264/24/20079/19/2019Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandfather - Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart
The Broken Poet (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)18082134/25/20079/19/2019Break Ups - Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart
ONLY SAGARMATHA KNOWS (SATIS SHROFF)17622141/15/20089/19/2019Life - Nature
Only Sagarmatha Knows (Satis Shroff)17534144/24/20079/19/2019Nature - Tributes, Memorials
The Gods Have Left (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)17164144/30/20079/20/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Religious, Christian, Jewish, Islam, Baptist, etc.
Oh, Kirtipur (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)16682144/27/20079/19/2019Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Life
Thoughts About You (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)16373144/30/20079/19/2019More Happy - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
The Nepalese Reality (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)15661144/24/20079/19/2019
The Accusation (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)14531144/30/20079/19/2019Break Ups - Life
SANTA FE (Satis Shroff, Freiburg)13992144/25/20079/19/2019Break Ups - Good Bye
Prosepoem: On Autumn (Satis Shroff)56800011/24/20159/20/2019Nature - Season
Late Autumn (Satis Shroff)34510011/24/20159/19/2019
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