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Having reached the age of 62 when one is decidedly considered old and sedate - I don’t feel that way at all. I still play tricks on my children, I read, I play games on the Net and I dream big dreams. I would like to share with you my thoughts in poetry and would love to read yours too.


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SOCCER FEVER41596562911/21/20074/2/2020
IN MEMORY OF DAD403513831411/23/20073/22/2020Daughter to Father - Father
THE OLYMPIC RUNNER (hyperbole)369647031410/7/20093/30/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Olympics
ANIMAL ANTICS ALPHABETICALLY326697641912/20/20074/2/2020Alliteration - Animals
ONOMATOPOEIA IN SCHOOL28116513911/28/20083/30/2020Alliteration - Onomatopoeia
SAD SANTA 197408421012/9/20073/31/2020Alliteration - Christmas
HAVING FUN WITH HOMONYMS16753202102/23/20124/3/2020Animals - Funny
FUNNY ANIMALS (limerick)1655729299/29/20094/3/2020Animals - Limerick
FAMILY (acrostics)15520184153/6/20084/2/2020Acrostics - Family
DAFT DOG (alliteration)151947283/3/20114/3/2020Alliteration - Dogs
BOYS WILL BE BOYS (alliteration)15058114186/12/20094/2/2020Alliteration - Funny
A SOLILOQUY: THE SUN (alliteration)14408163129/19/20104/2/2020Alliteration - Nature
IT SOUNDS LIKE A MERRY CHRISTMAS (onomatopoeia)13653161311/14/20114/2/2020Onomatopoeia - Christmas
WACKY WEATHER13499143122/16/20084/3/2020Alliteration - Not Categorized
IN A HOSPITAL (onomatopoeia)1316422283/19/20084/1/2020Life - Onomatopoeia
FIRE! (double ethere, alliteration)1257513275/31/20104/3/2020Alliteration - Double Ethere
SPORTS DAY121467282/6/20083/31/2020Not Categorized - Sports
HALLOWEEN FRIGHT-NIGHT (onomatopoeia)12135152811/2/20114/1/2020Halloween - Onomatopoeia
AN ACCIDENT (double ethere, onomatopoeia)1173312147/10/20084/1/2020Double Ethere - Onomatopoeia
MUSING OVER THE MOON (alliteration)105669119/19/20104/2/2020Alliteration - Nature
LOVE AND LOYALTY (alliteration)1018664183/21/20114/3/2020Alliteration - Animals
THE PUPIL (homonym)9838102101/7/20103/27/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Children, young kids, child
A WALK WITH THE WIND (alliteration)9445103139/19/20104/2/2020Alliteration - Nature
HUMAN VALUES (haiku)9169362104/4/20103/27/2020Good - Haiku
A SON9150112812/21/20073/27/2020Son - Teen
LEARNING FROM ANIMALS (limerick/alliteration)893192109/30/20104/3/2020Alliteration - Limerick
EXPRESSIVE EYES (alliteration)8931123103/3/20114/3/2020Alliteration - Beautiful
TO A ROSE (assonance)879991110/4/20093/30/2020Ode - Love
SEASONS IN SCHOOL (Italian sonnet)873318282/27/20094/2/2020School - Sonnets
MUCH ADO ABOUT SOCCER854017142/6/20094/2/2020Funny - Soccer
SOUNDS OF POVERTY (onomatopoeia)844216281/30/20104/1/2020Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Onomatopoeia
THE SHEPHERDS' STORY (christmas)792761411/29/20103/30/2020Season - Christmas
CUSSING THE CAT (alliteration)68928143/1/20114/1/2020Alliteration - Cats
SOME KINDS OF MUSIC (cinquain 3 -syllabled)6667161110/10/20083/31/2020Cinquain - Music, Instruments, Lyrics
MANGLISH640611141/1/20083/28/2020Funny - Funny Narrative
A LOYAL FRIEND (kenning poetry)6354103158/1/20134/2/2020Dogs - Friendship, Best Friend, Friend
HE'S BACK (onomatopoeia)624510285/5/20083/28/2020Onomatopoeia - Son
NATURE REFUTES (sonnet)624317292/5/20113/26/2020Nature - Sonnets
MONEY (burlesque)61529133/31/20093/28/2020Burlesque - Life
CASH vs. CREDIT CARD (alliteration)5948101510/11/20093/27/2020Alliteration - Humorous
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