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Having reached the age of 62 when one is decidedly considered old and sedate - I don’t feel that way at all. I still play tricks on my children, I read, I play games on the Net and I dream big dreams. I would like to share with you my thoughts in poetry and would love to read yours too.


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SIBLING RIVALRY56429131/4/20087/5/2020Brothers - Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart
AN ODE TO HORSES (alliteration)55150141/19/20087/9/2020Alliteration - Horses
INCREDIBLE INSECTS547617145/2/20087/10/2020Alliteration - Nature
FASHION FEST (alliteration)545194177/6/20107/12/2020Alliteration - Happy
A MOTHER'S LOVE5094142811/23/20077/7/2020Children, children's - A Mother's Love
THE HILLS ARE FALLING (simile)50779153/21/20097/5/2020Life - Simile
SOULFUL SOUNDS (IN A GRAVEYARD)4974153121/16/20097/7/2020Alliteration - Onomatopoeia
THE HIBISCUS4970122612/16/20117/6/2020Beautiful - Nature
THE TOWER OF BABEL493085161/16/20107/9/2020Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Peace
BIRDWATCHING (alliteration)47120153/1/20117/12/2020Alliteration - Birds
MAN'S KINGDOM (allegory)46557002/6/20097/1/2020Allegory - Life
THE WISE MEN'S TALE (christmas)4573102911/29/20107/6/2020Season - Christmas
THE MECHANIC45722112/1/20087/10/2020Funny - Son
MUM'S A POET (limerick)456318143/3/20087/10/2020Funny - Limerick
THE ABC OF HOLY CHRISTMAS454901411/15/20097/6/2020Alliteration - Christmas
GIRLS GALORE4361181412/26/20087/12/2020Alliteration - Happy
THE STORY OF MAHSURI (legend)43387297/30/20087/12/2020Ballad - Not Categorized
HORSES425513291/19/20086/27/2020Animals - Horses
AN ODE TO MY BIKE414021411/22/20077/9/2020Happy - Thank you, gratitude
THE ABC OF MERRY XMAS403322811/15/20097/6/2020Alliteration - Christmas
HANG TUAH, MALACCA 'S WARRIOR (legend)39992159/6/20087/6/2020Ballad - Friendship Love
LIFE-CYCLE OF A PLANT (cinquain 2)398081411/19/20117/5/2020Cinquain - Nature
TO SOME TEACHERS39766125/10/20086/29/2020
NATURE’S FURY (assonance)3794112511/3/20127/8/2020Sad, Grief, Sympathy, Broken Heart - Nature
A CASE OF CONDENSATION (alliteration)37657158/26/20097/5/2020Alliteration - Nature
HAPPINESS3734102811/23/20077/11/2020Happy - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
CALLOUS CHATTER (alliteration)37309273/9/20097/11/2020Alliteration - School
SANTA'S SET...36711131212/3/20087/8/2020Alliteration - Christmas
AS TIME RUNS OUT (onomatopoeia)3635144165/24/20097/3/2020Onomatopoeia - Retirement
THE SEASON OF ADVENT362061311/8/20097/4/2020Season - Christmas
ADAM AND EVE’S SWAN SONG (limerick)359411282/23/20107/2/2020Limerick - God
THE UNREAD TROUBADOUR (homonym)358211149/27/20097/5/2020Funny - Rhyming 2
A TONGUE-TOUCHING TATTLE (alliteration)35632002/5/20117/9/2020Alliteration - Life
THE LAUGHING LEES (clerihew)35032296/17/20087/7/2020Clerihew - Funny
KATY'S KITCHEN (alliteration)344015003/8/20117/7/2020Alliteration - Funny
CATS34383141/25/20087/12/2020Animals - Cats
FARMYARD FROLIC (alliteration)34284112/18/20117/10/2020Alliteration - ABC
AILING ALLITERATION340942812/31/20097/11/2020Alliteration - Life
SPECIAL CHILDREN33011121011/16/20077/2/2020Children, children's - Children, young kids, child
BEING UNDER THE WEATHER (limerick)322240010/22/20097/3/2020Funny - Limerick
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