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HI Everyone !
I am 69 and married with 2 sons,1 daughter and 8 grandchildren between us.We live
now on the beautiful Island of Cape Breton N.S.Canada where I
was born.I have written poetry since the early sixties and
have always been inspired by nature,life and people.Although
my entrance into writing poetry was not a happy one,it showed me a way to channel my emotions and serve as a
reflection of my experiences through life.Being connected
with has open a new door for me to express myself
poetically and meet new friends.
Best regards to all my friends and poets.

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A CHILD'S SMILE8049102712/15/20117/15/2019
LET US LOOK4618131412/15/20117/12/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Marriage
REACHING385510012/15/20117/12/2019Children, children's - Life
I'M A LUCKY MAN37542131/27/20127/13/2019Free Verse - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
BEING LONELY2722123104/10/20117/10/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
FOLLOW YOUR HEART244416291/1/20127/11/2019
IN THE SILENCE OF MY HEART240212148/1/20117/8/2019
PROVIDENCE20088112/1/20127/12/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Hope
WITH MY MIND19685006/11/20117/9/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
GRACEFUL CONTROL18962004/1/20117/14/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
BEING IN LOVE16897003/23/20087/12/2019Life - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
THE LIGHT OF TRUTH16447153/1/20107/13/2019
A SPECIAL MOMENT16444155/5/20127/14/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Love
EMBRACING MANKIND159731512/26/20107/6/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Hope
HEALING THOUGHTS15534001/3/20127/9/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Hope
QUESTIONS FOR LOVE15391007/1/20117/13/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
The Christmas Tree152340012/15/20107/11/2019Prose - Christmas
TO FALL IN LOVE AGAIN 15202151/24/20117/13/2019Marriage - Love
WHEN YOU SPEAK15153141/8/20117/11/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Spiritual
MOONLIGHT WAVES14983001/12/20117/11/2019Life - Love
LESSONS14740002/13/20117/6/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Love
LIFE146953138/1/20107/11/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Hope
SHIMMERING LIGHT14420006/1/20107/12/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you
SILENT WAVES14403281/8/20117/11/2019Life - Spiritual
WILL14012114/16/20117/12/2019Free Verse - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
LET ME14004299/1/20107/15/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
STANDING IN THE SNOW13972003/3/20127/13/2019Life - Winter
GO FORTH13803141/1/20117/15/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Hope
WHEN THE MIST GOES OUT TO SEA137310007/1/20127/10/2019Nature - Peace
SILENT STEPS13652281/5/20117/11/2019Nature - Retirement
QUIET13623155/6/20127/6/2019Free Verse - Inspirational Poems, Motivational
My Wife13421021012/8/20117/9/2019Marriage - Love
BEYOND WORDS133220010/2/20107/6/2019
PONDERING13262002/13/20117/10/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Life
SHINE YOUR LIGHT130621512/28/20127/8/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Love
YOU12425002/1/20117/11/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
MISSING YOU12181002/2/20117/12/2019In Love - Long Distance Love
POWER OF LOVE117811212/20/20107/15/2019Inspirational Poems, Motivational - Love
LOVE PRISONERS11611002/1/20117/11/2019Love, Romantic, Weddings, Romance, I love you - Love
The Path11230001/2/20097/15/2019Free Verse - Life
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