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Course Study Material

Intermediate Poetry

Course Material Questions and Answers Review Students currently taking classes: 10
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  • What is a Quatrain?

    a stanza of four lines

  • To compose an Epitaph means you write?

    a memorial of someone who is deceased

  • What is a Synonym?

    a word with the same or similar meaning as another

  • Between how many syllables does the Haiku contain?


  • Writing in Meter refers to?

    writing organized succession of groups of syllables

  • Phonetics refers to?

    sounds of speech

  • What does Alliteration mean?

    repetition of first letter sounds within a line or stanza

  • A Senryu is similar in style to the?


  • A Sonnet consists of how many lines?


  • Which well-known poet wrote, "The Raven?"

    Edgar Allen Poe

  • Which well-known poet wrote the epic, "A Lover’s Complaint?"

    William Shakespeare

  • A poem’s form is referred to as?

    a stanza

  • An Ethere consists of how many lines?


  • A "poetic foot" or "feet" refers to?

    two syllables

  • Which is NOT a sound category poem?


  • Burlesque poetry refers to which type of content?

    serious subject as humor

  • Pentameter refers to a line of verse with how many syllables?



  • Poetry is NOT one of the selected arrangements?

    definition and pronunciation

  • Spoken Word poetry refers to?

    the speech of a poem

  • Apart from being a poet and playwright, what other occupation did William Shakespeare have?


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