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VoicesNet provides many FREE services on the Internet to the Internet Community.

To help us with our costs, you can make contributions to our efforts in one of three ways:

Using Paypal

(1) Paying from your PayPal account - click on the button just below, enter the amount that you want to donate on the presented page and then enter your PayPal account information to complete the donation.

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(2) Paying by standard credit card - click on the button above, enter the amount that you want to donate on the presented page and then click where it says "Don't have a PayPal account? Click Here" and then you can enter your credit card information and complete your secure transaction.

Using Standard Snail Mail

(3) Mailing your donation to us - send us your donation to VoicesNet Website, PO Box 936, Powell, Ohio 43065.

You can pay through PayPal in 6 different International currencies including US dollars, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, UK Pound Sterlings, Euros, and Indian Rupees. PayPal will convert the funds for you to US Dollars.

PayPal is a very secure Internet payment service owned by Ebay, an Internet Giant. PayPal's secures your donation information using Encryption and Secure Socket Layers technology, which is how major financial institutions also protect their online financial transactions.

If you pay by credit card, you do not need to have a PayPal account.

Click the button now if you are ready to make a contribution and you will be prompted through the easy donation process on the PayPal website. You can look for the little closed lock on the bottom of the PayPal page to assure you that Encryption and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) are being used for your transaction.

If you are paying through the PayPal website, we will never see or receive your payment information. Only PayPal will receive that information when processing your donation.

If you are able to make a donation to our websites, we would like to thank you in advance for your kindness for we really appreciate it.

Funds received will be used for the general operation fund to run the site.

The VoicesNet Team