"Women, Woes and Struggle" by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Title: Women, Woes and Struggle

Author: Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

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Type: Book of Chapters


Poems affirming the value of women, exposing their pain
and their struggle for wholeness.


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1. In Every Woman, A Diana 5-24-2010145910-18-2009
2. The Woman Behind Burka5-24-201037348-21-2009
3. For Flor Contemplacion, A Legacy of Truth 5-24-201012744-23-2009
4. Jessica in Saudi5-24-201012363-29-2009
5. Woman5-24-201011482-8-2009
6. Women, Who Are You?5-24-201016282-8-2009
7. Eyes for Ameneh (Woman from Iran )5-24-20108933-7-2009
8. Women Trafficking in Europe5-24-201012693-5-2010
9. THE MIRACLE OF PAIN5-24-201011875-17-2009
10. The Wailing Women in Kosovo5-24-201021074-18-2009
11. Women Who Bear the Pain over Life that Is Wasted in War5-24-201016253-8-2009
12. Bride Burning...Women Burning5-24-201028004-18-2009
13. Women in Beijing in One September 5-24-201016714-3-2009
14. In One Fantasy Club in Manila 5-24-201020139-13-2009
15. If Our Societies Were Patriarchal5-24-201012265-4-2009
16. Women for Mammography Screening 7-7-201017396-4-2010
17. WOMAN'S DEFEAT 7-30-201014637-30-2010
18. Woman Made a Punching Bag of Man8-22-201010288-22-2010
19. The Woman, Stoned to Death 3-24-2011125111-15-2010
20. MENSTRUAL BLOOD3-24-2011120310-12-2010
21. Married for a Cow1-5-20135891-2-2013
22. Woman and Shame of Men 1-5-201369812-28-2012
23. WOMEN AS PEACEMAKERS 2-25-2016274012-26-2010
24. MOTHERS, WE SALUTE YOU!2-25-201641675-9-2010
25. Simple Jewels2-25-20166995-18-2009
26. A Mother 2-25-201625844-3-2009
27. To My Beloved Husband2-25-201620318-29-2009
28. March On2-25-20165789-9-2009