"Let your life lightly dance to the music..." by Nishu Mathur, India

Title: Let your life lightly dance to the music...

Author: Nishu Mathur, India

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Type: Book of Poems


Music and Dance . Poems to do with dancing, music, inspired by songs.


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1. Beauty, for beauty's sake12-5-201431699-14-2011
2. Dance Away12-5-2014129910-9-2011
3. "Dream a little dream"12-5-2014130410-26-2011
4. Boom boody boom 12-5-2014105011-2-2011
5. Let it snow..12-5-2014167111-26-2011
6. My heart ..a dancing it goes.12-5-2014121712-19-2011
7. ALL I want for Christmas12-5-2014149312-21-2011
8. Bangles12-5-201452382-27-2012
9. The leaf12-5-201417453-18-2012
10. How Can A Bird That's Born For Joy Sit In A Cage And Sing12-5-201414795-1-2012
11. LOVING YOU IS EASY..12-5-201431885-24-2012
12. Sing Me A Love Song Baby12-5-201415326-25-2012
13. Two Hearts Beating As One ( Liz's challenge, not an inspirational interlude) 12-5-201413697-2-2012
14. Beneath the night sky12-5-20147777-21-2012
15. THE DANCE OF THE PEACOCK12-5-201418498-18-2012
16. Let Your Life Dance Lightly On the Edges of Time, Like Dew On The Tip Of A Leaf12-5-201416649-7-2012
17. And You Tell Me I Don't Love You? 12-5-20149449-14-2012
18. BUT HOW CAN IT BE...?12-5-2014100110-18-2012
19. MY SINGING AND MY SONGS12-5-201491410-28-2012
20. Dancing In The Rain12-5-201419001-1-2013
21. THE LADY IS A TRAMP12-5-20147532-13-2013
22. Little Charlie and Singing In The Shower 12-5-201410295-3-2013
23. THE - SUNLIGHT - CAPER12-5-20149766-5-2013
24. The Spell Of My Love...( now my second attempt at ghazals....) 12-5-201410597-3-2013
25. The Notes Of The ' Bansuri' 12-5-201413637-5-2013
26. And I Thought BRUNO MARS Was A CHOCOLATE 12-5-20149308-12-2013
27. WHERE PEACE COMES AND RESTS ( for Maggie Pollock) 12-5-201411229-3-2013
28. Do The Harlem Shake, Yeah, Do The Harlem Shake 12-5-201414739-29-2013
29. The Music Of The Mountains, The Himalayas 12-5-2014108010-13-2013
30. If Ever I Must Sing As Poets Have, the 37th inspirational title challenge 12-5-201472611-8-2013
31. "Oh, oh, oh I'm on fire " 12-5-201465611-21-2013
32. If I Could Be A Christmas Ornament, I'd Like To Be ..( For Westly) 12-5-201486611-22-2013
33. A Serenade Of Love 12-5-20148521-29-2014
34. Everyone Has A Secret, 40th inspirational title....' The Jacaranda Tree' ( take 3) 12-5-201410682-18-2014
35. A Polka In The Air 12-5-20149173-21-2014
36. DANCING WITH THE MOON 12-5-20148384-10-2014
37. A Break Dance For Maggie Pollock. Happy Birthday Maggie.12-5-20146635-2-2014
38. To Dance Or Not To ( Anywhere) Is The Next Question 12-5-20147995-5-2014
39. When The Heart Becomes A Poet 12-5-20147335-24-2014
40. Floating Frangipani 12-5-20147166-21-2014
41. AIN''T NO FRIEND OF MINE12-5-20146446-24-2014
42. 'MONSOON RHAPSODY' in a hope for rains 12-5-20148136-28-2014
43. AND THEN, THERE IS MUSIC 12-5-20147797-15-2014
44. LET THE MUSIC PLAY, I SAY12-5-20146887-23-2014
45. 'I like to move it, move it' A Sunday Morning Work Out ( especially for Pattra ) 12-5-201410698-3-2014
46. Rum and coca cola. 'Drunk on life'12-5-20149419-28-2014
47. MUSIC IN MY POCKET 12-5-201478610-20-2014
48. 48th Inspirational Challenge , "Scars And Stories'' 12-5-201458511-11-2014
49. 'The Concert' ( my tribute to Shafqat Amanat Ali) 12-5-201458212-5-2014
50. "In the windmills of my mind"12-10-201420179-12-2011
51. Would you know the color of music 12-10-201418004-15-2012
52. SUMMER BREEZE2-19-20159912-19-2015
53. THE SONGS OF THE SEAS3-22-20157203-22-2015
54. Oooops, She Did It Again......3-24-20158013-24-2015
55. Oh, to have an orange, now that summer is here! 4-2-20159924-2-2015
56. Dance ( For World/ International Dance Day, 29th April)5-11-20159114-29-2015
57. 'THE TABLA'6-19-20155746-19-2015
58. 'FEVER' ( to be sung to the song with the same name, Peggy Lee's version) 6-27-20155776-26-2015
59. When Poetry Dances 6-27-20155556-24-2015
60. 'The Music Of The Desert' (Rajasthani music) 7-19-20157037-19-2015
61. But Where Do You Go To My Lovely? ( a heady dedication) 8-21-20156188-19-2015
62. A SUMMER SONG 8-29-20156598-29-2015
63. The Music Of The Summer Rain 6-29-20167616-5-2016
64. Part Time Writer - To be sung to the tune of Stevie Wonder's Part Time Lover 6-29-20164716-27-2016