"The Maltese Falcon Vol IV" by tobias kerins, UK

Title: The Maltese Falcon Vol IV

Author: tobias kerins, UK

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Type: Book of Poems


contemporary poetry


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1. Oliver! Part I4-20-20157564-20-2015
2. The Burning Bridge5-28-20157355-28-2015
3. When will Daggers be Drawn?5-30-20157485-30-2015
4. Throw the Keys Away5-31-20155115-31-2015
5. A Tribute to David Frost5-31-20157375-31-2015
6. Don't Give up Hope6-2-20157316-2-2015
7. Bullets of Deception6-3-20157276-3-2015
8. Whodunnit????6-9-20155126-9-2015
9. Full Circle6-9-20158516-9-2015
10. Broken Lives of Children6-13-20158006-13-2015
11. A New Dawn at Midnight6-22-20157606-22-2015
12. Cloud Nine6-22-20155226-22-2015
13. The Clocks they Chime6-23-20155136-23-2015
14. The London Cabbie6-24-20154346-24-2015
15. Measure for Measure7-2-20154547-2-2015
16. Bees without Honey7-2-20155567-2-2015
17. The Well is Empty7-10-20157347-10-2015
18. Stuck Between a Hard Place and a Rock7-12-20155667-12-2015
19. And Still They Come7-29-20154947-29-2015
20. Both Sides of the Story7-30-20154767-30-2015
21. Remove the Chains8-1-20158008-1-2015
22. To Stop Bolting Horses9-6-20154949-6-2015
23. A Victorian Thief9-6-20155029-6-2015
24. Taking the Moral high Ground9-6-20158119-6-2015
25. Ask No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies9-27-20155349-27-2015
26. The Test of Time 10-1-201544910-1-2015
27. Secrets at Sea10-19-201544810-19-2015
28. Fingers and Eyes10-26-201547810-26-2015
29. Do Not Be Mistaken10-26-201544310-26-2015
30. Don't Throw Stones in Glass Houses10-28-201549510-28-2015
31. A Change of Heart10-29-201543610-29-2015
32. The Chair10-30-201541510-30-2015
33. Sell! Sell! Sell!11-6-201543611-6-2015
34. Autumn11-8-201539511-8-2015
35. The Camera Never Lies11-11-201544511-11-2015
36. Blood is Thinner than Water11-11-201542411-11-2015
37. Life on the Other Side11-12-201543111-12-2015
38. I Need You Back11-13-201540711-13-2015
39. One Night in Paris11-14-201544711-14-2015
40. One Night in Paris: the solution11-15-201544811-15-2015