"God's love and spiritual poems" by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Title: God's love and spiritual poems

Author: Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

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Type: Book of Poems


Poems about God's love as I experience It in my life. Be blessed as He loves us all.


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1. There is a sword right here10-16-201660110-16-2016
2. He made the shadow retreat 10-16-20165997-30-2016
3. This Jacob is Israel.10-16-20166605-7-2016
4. Should I fight with Him?10-16-20167033-24-2016
5. I raise my mine eyes to the Cross10-16-20166652-1-2016
6. Death gazed at me and went back10-16-201675910-13-2015
7. God made me in the furnace of affliction,10-16-20167334-13-2015
8. Break all the bondage of fear10-16-20169063-15-2015
9. Thank God for that cross, 10-16-20166561-30-2015
10. Take all my depressions I give Thee    10-16-20168041-11-2015
11. Reinforce the walls of this castle10-16-20166861-3-2015
12. Whatever I desire He grants10-16-201673312-25-2014
13. Story of Christmas10-16-201670712-20-2014
14. Can he provide food in the desert?10-16-20167749-28-2014
15. He Cares10-16-20167106-22-2014
16. Every time, time after time10-16-20167266-16-2014
17. My Provider 10-16-20168366-13-2014
18. Baits Baits and Baits10-16-20166556-12-2014
19. Unworthy, unworthy, unworthy,10-16-20168406-11-2014
20. Would you use this broken vessel?10-16-20167656-11-2014
21. Encountering Goliath10-16-20168816-9-2014
22. Our God Reigns10-16-20169906-8-2014
23. Lord this world is thirsty10-16-20167066-10-2014
24. I have put my feet, on the goad,10-16-20167851-30-2015
25. You are my refuge10-16-201668712-25-2014
26. The Onslaught Has Begun10-16-201668412-20-2014
27. Make Me a Worker In Thy Field10-16-201666012-14-2014
28. The Physician 10-16-201678810-2-2014
29. Fear Not10-16-201667410-2-2014
30. Refuge 10-16-20166559-29-2014
31. Three fold cord10-16-20168739-28-2014
32. I can't share it with my shadow10-16-20167266-23-2014
33. One day at a time10-16-20167106-22-2014
34. Thankful10-16-20166296-22-2014
35. So many a tear have I dried10-16-20167876-20-2014
36. My God10-16-20167295-28-2014
37. My all in all10-16-20168205-27-2014
38. He Insures Life10-16-20167295-23-2014
39. See what the lord has done10-16-20167465-22-2014
40. Trial 10-16-20167425-22-2014
41. Answer me10-16-20169124-29-2014
42. waiting on the lord10-16-20167894-13-2014
43. Cry10-16-20167104-7-2014
44. I am His child10-16-20165784-7-2014
45. Do not feel dejected my soul10-16-20166704-7-2014
46. difficulties10-16-20167494-7-2014
47. To Thee, I Lift Mine Eyes10-16-201662212-10-2013
48. GOD IN THE FURNACE10-16-201611686-1-2012
49. GODS PATH10-16-201615195-20-2012
50. GODS LOVE10-16-201610245-5-2012
51. HIS BLOOD RELIEVE10-16-201611875-4-2012
52. I am holding the end of a rope10-16-201620314-24-2012
53. First I had one heart 10-16-201610034-23-2012
54. CARPENTER10-16-201615474-23-2012
55. PERSISTENCE10-16-201617574-2-2012
56. In this sophisticated world10-21-201656410-7-2016
57. Some time it makes me wonder10-21-20166473-25-2016
58. He holds the destiny of the world10-21-20166553-19-2016
59. Morning prayer10-21-201666510-21-2016
60. Some drops of tears10-26-20167073-18-2016
61. My father10-29-20168412-12-2016
62. Do not let your eye rule your heart10-29-20169013-6-2015
63. He my soul relives10-29-20168716-16-2014
64. Talents10-29-20167633-13-2015
65. My total security10-29-20167367-28-2015
66. Solid foundations10-29-20167166-15-2014
67. Seek and ye shall find10-30-20168701-27-2016
68. Light a candle,pray for their souls......inspirational challenge10-30-201671410-6-2015
69. Persecution10-30-20166923-15-2015
70. Trust Him10-30-201651010-30-2016
71. My defense10-30-201643610-30-2016
72. Faith10-31-201651210-31-2016
73. Friend of the marginalised10-31-201663210-31-2016
74. Bread Of Heaven11-1-201656111-1-2016
75. I have got my life insured11-1-201654211-1-2016
76. Provider of seed I pray thee11-1-201653311-1-2016
77. He my soul relieves11-6-201652711-6-2016
78. So many tears I have dried11-11-201673211-11-2016
79. I am standing next to generation next11-22-201668611-21-2016
80. At His footstool12-19-201665712-19-2016
81. Why should you be left out1-7-20175941-7-2017
82. Fear Him He is Mighty3-1-20175673-1-2017
83. Make me your slave Lord3-1-20175382-27-2017
84. Love is in the air3-1-20176622-13-2017
85. My Christmas dream3-1-201767612-19-2016
86. I cried to the Lord in my anguish3-1-201769511-24-2016
87. I fight my battle on my knees3-15-20176663-14-2017
88. My shoulders are weak3-15-20175933-14-2017
89. Save me from the so called righteous3-15-20175773-14-2017
90. Wisdom to rule4-9-20176304-7-2017
91. AT HIS FOOTSTOOL I BOW DOWN4-9-20174784-7-2017
92. Look and be whole4-9-20175904-5-2017
93. Word of God4-9-20177384-2-2017
94. In your hand I leave myself5-6-20176204-21-2017
95. Easter blessings5-6-20178244-16-2017
96. We all need Blood of Christ5-20-20176055-20-2017
97. He is my bliss5-20-20175535-19-2017
98. Your religion is vain5-20-20175685-6-2017
99. Ends, and means6-13-20175976-13-2017
100. A puppy died 6-26-20175236-26-2017
101. Lynched6-28-20176656-28-2017
102. Let the blind lead the blind11-9-201753210-30-2017
103. Fear not the wolf11-9-20175329-13-2017
104. They cried to Him11-9-20174927-10-2017
105. When things go beyond me11-9-20173627-9-2017
106. Communion11-9-20174907-9-2017
107. Ignominy11-9-20176664-13-2017
108. Doorway to heaven12-1-201748612-1-2017
109. I can associate with Him12-24-201747312-24-2017
110. Gift of christmas12-24-201754212-22-2017
111. Dust thou art1-14-20184471-8-2018
112. I could hear my ego2-3-20184452-3-2018
113. When tension Hits me hard2-3-20184201-27-2018
114. Once again he called me3-2-20183473-2-2018
115. Lord I invite you to the ruins of my heart3-2-20183873-2-2018
116. Not so dirty that His blood can't Cleanse3-2-20183833-2-2018
117. She touched the helm of his garment3-3-20183783-3-2018
118. They called me a thorn 6-14-20183145-31-2018
119. No weapon 6-14-20182895-19-2018
120. Wear the wedding clothes of the Lamb7-18-20182207-18-2018
121. A cherished memory I would like to share7-18-20182557-2-2018
122. The big question is12-8-201822210-1-2018
123. Divide and rule12-9-201820212-4-2018
124. Whenever circumstances try.12-9-20182289-28-2018
125. Tears12-9-20183299-16-2018
126. I pour out my heart to the Lord1-4-20191451-4-2019
127. Why seek for vision from blind2-16-20191311-4-2019
128. For Christ's sake2-16-20191951-14-2019
129. Rose when crushed2-16-20192081-15-2019
130. A prayer for healing2-16-20191961-17-2019
131. Why am I suffering?2-16-20191172-11-2019
132. Hold His hands2-16-20191092-16-2019
133. Only He could have done it2-16-2019862-16-2019
134. One day you will understand6-9-20191096-9-2019