"Romantic poems" by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Title: Romantic poems

Author: Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Views: 739

Type: Book of Poems


Love the essence of life


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1. Where are you my heart10-20-20167263-23-2016
2. When we met 62 challenge10-20-20167111-15-2016
3. Walks she on a path unknown10-20-20168051-10-2016
4. JYOTSNA10-20-201668210-4-2015
5. Every letter should not be mailed10-20-201612089-14-2015
6. I love you valentine10-20-20167042-14-2015
7. love10-20-20166791-30-2015
8. Tell me how may I forget you10-20-201611901-30-2015
9. My love, you are above all crowd10-20-20167561-30-2015
10. To Me You Are A Dream10-20-20167251-7-2015
11. I Love You, My life, My wife.10-20-201685812-27-2014
12. Lover Boy10-20-20167669-25-2014
13. Three fold cord10-20-20169089-28-2014
14. I'll be faithful to you 10-20-20167029-19-2014
15. I love you10-20-201668212-9-2013
16. Spellbound10-20-201613888-18-2012
17. YOU ARE MINE(my wife)10-20-201615064-30-2012
18. MY WIFE10-20-201615874-20-2012
19. I'll say its you ( 60th challenge)10-26-201665611-11-2015
20. Beautiful eyes10-30-201666710-30-2016
21. Sweetheart11-1-201664311-1-2016
22. New Year1-4-20176231-4-2017
23. Let me tell you4-9-20176024-3-2017
24. In love there are no options4-9-20177623-29-2017
25. Love is in the air4-9-20177012-13-2017
26. Ye make these Ashes to burn4-9-201768412-9-2016
27. Rose4-9-20177664-6-2015
28. She is a rose10-14-201768210-14-2017
29. Darling11-9-20175697-7-2017
30. I don't know much (77 challenge)11-9-20175705-9-2017
31. Muse3-1-201851611-9-2017
32. Taken from near my heart5-18-20183915-18-2018
33. You are still the same11-9-20198311-9-2019