"Women" by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Title: Women

Author: Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Views: 786

Type: Book of Poems


In honor of women


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1. She is a woman10-20-201610163-16-2015
2. She wear two cap's as I find10-20-20169883-6-2015
3. MOTHER TERESA10-20-201611222-25-2015
4. My Hindi Teacher Mrs S.Jain. 10-20-20169252-16-2015
5. My Political Science Teacher Mrs Bhalla.10-20-201610472-16-2015
6. My Geography Teacher ,Mrs Anurupa Biswas10-20-201614102-16-2015
7. My History Teacher, S Kaur 10-20-201610932-16-2015
8. Super Woman10-20-20168472-2-2015
9. Spellbound10-20-201613908-18-2012
10. Janet Jacob requime10-20-201614025-4-2012
11. CYNTHIA MANOHARAN10-20-201617123-30-2012
12. MOTHER10-21-201614535-8-2012
13. Gift called love10-30-20167162-14-2016
14. I am not to be burnt3-1-201780312-1-2016
15. Woman should raise her voice3-1-201781611-29-2016
16. Where is India6-10-20177726-10-2017
17. You killed her10-1-201757610-1-2017
18. Women are the epitome of strength and love (the 79th challenge)11-9-20175187-13-2017
19. 79th Inspirational challenge, Women are strong- wife11-9-20175237-12-2017
20. 79th inspirational challenge Women are strong they can bring the change 11-9-20175507-10-2017
21. Mother's love3-1-20185062-21-2018
22. Tears12-9-20183889-16-2018