"Positivity" by Myrna Margaret Martin, USA

Title: Positivity

Author: Myrna Margaret Martin, USA

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Type: Book of Chapters


Every day is truly a chance to do better and be better. Even when we struggle, we can try again. Life is precious, a gift... lets not waste it! xo


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1. Hope10-22-20164853-18-2008
2. We were meant to be loved 10-22-20164182-4-2015
3. perfect shade of pink10-22-20162947-7-2015
4. And Yet I Become, More...10-22-20161778-16-2015
5. Begin again...10-22-20162748-23-2015
6. Life prevails10-22-201612212-3-2015
7. Breathe in positivity10-22-201616212-5-2015
8. Other People's Rubbish....10-22-20161795-23-2016
9. A letter....10-22-20161378-29-2016
10. Be the Change10-22-20161119-13-2016
11. lets do better....10-22-20161099-20-2016
12. Hope,Fight, Stay...10-22-20169910-2-2016
13. Fight for the positivity....11-8-20168611-8-2016
14. I Will Win...11-8-201610910-4-2016
15. Phillipians 4:1311-8-20162219-24-2016
16. There but for the Grace of God Go I, and For The Love of God I Am...11-8-2016979-24-2016
17. Drinking it in....11-8-20161694-24-2016