"The Maltese Falcon Vol VII" by tobias kerins, UK

Title: The Maltese Falcon Vol VII

Author: tobias kerins, UK

Views: 586

Type: Book of Poems


contemporary and topical


#Poem TitleAdded to
1. Opinions Count11-4-201616011-4-2016
2. The Poetical Court11-4-201614311-4-2016
3. Johnny and Sadie11-5-201615411-5-2016
4. The Orphan11-5-201616211-5-2016
5. The Notorious Chair 11-15-201616011-15-2016
6. He Had No Guilt11-17-201614711-17-2016
7. A Weather System11-21-201618711-21-2016
8. Tensions Came 11-26-201615511-26-2016
9. Men In White Coats....Part I11-28-201617011-28-2016
10. We're All Made Of The Same Stuff12-15-201614712-15-2016
11. A True Legend12-26-201613012-26-2016
12. An Indelible Stain12-29-201613112-29-2016
13. From Centuries of Old1-10-20171281-10-2017
14. That Five Letter Word1-19-20171201-19-2017
15. Salmon & Sturgeon: Like Fish To Water (Scottish Independence)1-30-20171241-30-2017
16. So Heavy My Heart2-5-20171222-5-2017
17. You Are To Me So Legendary2-8-20171292-8-2017
18. For Donna Kerins: My Sister From Oslo in Norway2-16-20171182-16-2017
19. This Time In Life2-20-20171072-20-2017
20. The Light Must Shine3-7-20171013-7-2017
21. Confusion Ruled3-11-20171163-11-2017
22. Flaws4-11-2017764-11-2017
23. The Drinker's Voice 4-14-2017654-14-2017
24. In Sickness and In Health4-28-2017654-28-2017
25. Blood Orange5-7-2017365-7-2017
26. Man or Machine5-7-2017405-7-2017
27. Neighbours5-9-2017495-9-2017
28. The Flower Lady 5-10-2017415-10-2017
29. The Fool5-11-2017385-11-2017
30. His Soul It Flew5-13-2017415-13-2017
31. The Promise We Owed (Respect)5-14-2017315-14-2017
32. Can't Pay Then We'll Take It Away5-15-2017415-15-2017
33. Philanthropy5-21-2017435-21-2017