"My Martin" by Myrna Margaret Martin, USA

Title: My Martin

Author: Myrna Margaret Martin, USA

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Type: Book of Chapters


My Oldest Son, who taught me how to be a Mother. Who showed me what unconditional love was. And I learned the absolute power of being a "Mama Bear!" Righteous anger like none other.. let me tell you! (if anyone dared to wrong my baby)
I swear, He saved me, saved my life. I poured all my love into him. God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with a Son named Martin. He is the First Light of my Life.. xoxoxo


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1. Little Hands, Big Heart11-8-201623753-18-2008
2. Past the Sky, and Into Space11-8-20167613-18-2008
3. My Children, The Reason My Heart Beats...11-8-201637112-3-2015
4. My Children11-8-20164177-27-2016
5. Paris11-8-201629110-3-2016
6. Aloha Mother!11-8-201626311-8-2016
7. Gulf of Mexico3-20-20171983-20-2017
8. This little boy...7-24-20171097-24-2017
9. My Three Lights...8-1-20172211-29-2017
10. Beautiful Heart Gift...8-1-2017858-1-2017
11. Anchor Bar, Buffalo NY12-31-20176112-31-2017