"Darkness and Terror " by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Title: Darkness and Terror

Author: Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

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Type: Book of Chapters


Poems on the victims of terror and the struggle against violence and terror...


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1. Bloodbath in Paris12-29-201652311-15-2015
2. The Black Flag 12-29-201650911-18-2015
3. Prayer for the Terrorists12-29-20168393-23-2016
4. Stop Bombing Aleppo! 12-29-20165309-15-2016
5. A Devastated Country's Call to Life 12-29-20167461-3-2016
6. ”Seize not the Treasure from Us”12-29-20167165-13-2015
7. "Of Scars and Stories"12-29-2016134111-7-2014
8. Terrorism, Her Name 12-29-20166811-18-2013
9. Tears of Pain Over Massacred Angels 12-29-201669712-15-2012
10. Gun Culture 12-29-2016109612-17-2012
11. Against Violence, A Call 12-29-201666012-18-2012
12. Wolves Are Roaming Around Our Schools12-29-2016119012-14-2012
13. The Cold and Absence of Love 12-29-201667412-11-2012
14. No Epitaph for a Suicide Bomber 12-29-201666610-12-2011
15. WORLD TRADE CENTER 12-29-201613885-27-2009
16. Women Who Bear the Pain over Life that Is Wasted in War12-29-201616153-8-2009
17. Aleppo, Aleppo, Aleppo! 3-7-201750011-19-2016