"Happy Moments.... " by Myrna Martin, USA

Title: Happy Moments....

Author: Myrna Martin, USA

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Type: Book of Chapters


There is peace and beauty everywhere. Notice it, admire it!! Sometimes it is there for the taking... Sometimes, we have to create it. But, when you receive the gift of a happy, precious, moment. Hold onto it...
God Bless!


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1. HIndsburg Road4-12-20173379-29-2016
2. Shetland Ponies4-12-20173339-29-2016
3. comforts of home4-12-20173789-28-2016
4. I see the blue sky4-12-20173799-27-2016
5. Autumn4-12-20173429-27-2016
6. I got to hear their voices on Christmas Day...4-12-201747712-25-2016
7. She held my hand...4-12-201764811-19-2016
8. Childhood memories of good times.....4-12-201739311-19-2016
9. Thinking of Fall4-12-201730810-23-2016
10. Music Moves Me...4-12-201736910-23-2016
11. Sometimes, what we need is goofy....4-12-201729610-23-2016
12. My Favorite Chair....4-12-201744110-22-2016
13. Natures Heartsong4-12-201735510-4-2016
14. Simple, thoughtful, things...4-12-201737810-3-2016
15. A Walk In The Woods4-12-20176558-24-2015
16. The senses...4-12-20173384-12-2017
17. Softly, Falling, Rain4-12-20179253-18-2008
18. The Visit4-12-20176387-9-2015
19. A glimpse of that sweet child, in the young man he is...4-12-20173524-11-2017
20. Teddy Bear4-12-20174114-6-2017
21. Picture of the Horse4-12-20174623-27-2017
22. Your Hugs Are Warm....4-12-20173703-20-2017
23. Aloha Mother!4-12-201744511-8-2016
24. Sweet Motherhood Moment...4-12-201748310-26-2016
25. Sunday Nap4-12-201744310-24-2016
26. Science Museum4-12-201746110-22-2016
27. Uno4-12-201745410-22-2016
28. Irish Creme4-12-201744910-22-2016
29. Sweet Peppermint...4-12-201748210-20-2016
30. Child Like Ways4-12-201744510-20-2016
31. Mama? Yes my love....4-12-201742610-9-2016
32. Sand4-12-20173749-29-2016
33. She is my reason why.... 4-12-20175409-27-2016
34. Drinking it in....4-12-20176424-24-2016
35. awakening4-12-20176671-27-2016
36. My heart could never tell...4-12-201739711-30-2015
37. My Children, The Reason My Heart Beats...4-12-201759712-3-2015
38. The phone conversation... 4-12-201745010-9-2016
39. Gulf of Mexico4-12-20173823-20-2017
40. I felt God's touch...4-20-20174904-20-2017
41. Willowpoint Way4-20-20173104-20-2017
42. Nishu's Poem..8-3-20172768-3-2017
43. My Best Friend...10-10-20172537-28-2017
44. Fall, Crisp, Crackle...10-14-201726410-14-2017
45. Anchor Bar, Buffalo NY12-31-201724712-31-2017
46. Simple Pleasure4-22-20181954-22-2018
47. Mom's birthday treat xo4-22-20182454-22-2018
48. My Toes Touch The Sea...5-5-20182155-5-2018
49. Irondequoit Bay5-10-20182045-10-2018
50. Von Maur, Lord & Taylor5-11-20182405-11-2018
51. Happy 21st birthday Mitchel (2018)5-12-20182665-11-2018
52. I SMILE... Work has been wonderful, busy, busy, all day!!!6-4-20182246-4-2018