"Happy Moments.... " by Myrna Margaret Martin, USA

Title: Happy Moments....

Author: Myrna Margaret Martin, USA

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Type: Book of Chapters


There is peace and beauty everywhere. Sometimes it is there for the taking... Sometimes, we have to create it. But, when you receive the gift of a happy, precious, moment. Hold onto it...
God Bless!


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1. HIndsburg Road4-12-20171419-29-2016
2. Shetland Ponies4-12-20171439-29-2016
3. comforts of home4-12-20171599-28-2016
4. I see the blue sky4-12-20171689-27-2016
5. Autumn4-12-20171329-27-2016
6. I got to hear their voices on Christmas Day...4-12-201721012-25-2016
7. She held my hand...4-12-201732211-19-2016
8. Childhood memories of good times.....4-12-201716811-19-2016
9. Thinking of Fall4-12-201712410-23-2016
10. Music Moves Me...4-12-201712310-23-2016
11. Sometimes, what we need is goofy....4-12-201711610-23-2016
12. My Favorite Chair....4-12-201721110-22-2016
13. Natures Heartsong4-12-201713910-4-2016
14. Simple, thoughtful, things...4-12-201717510-3-2016
15. A Walk In The Woods4-12-20173988-24-2015
16. The senses...4-12-20171284-12-2017
17. Softly, Falling, Rain4-12-20176963-18-2008
18. The Visit4-12-20173767-9-2015
19. A glimpse of that sweet child, in the young man he is...4-12-20171574-11-2017
20. Teddy Bear4-12-20171874-6-2017
21. Picture of the Horse4-12-20171883-27-2017
22. Your Hugs Are Warm....4-12-20171713-20-2017
23. Aloha Mother!4-12-201723911-8-2016
24. Sweet Motherhood Moment...4-12-201725710-26-2016
25. Sunday Nap4-12-201720410-24-2016
26. Science Museum4-12-201721610-22-2016
27. Uno4-12-201722710-22-2016
28. Irish Creme4-12-201723010-22-2016
29. Sweet Peppermint...4-12-201722910-20-2016
30. Child Like Ways4-12-201722610-20-2016
31. Mama? Yes my love....4-12-201721610-9-2016
32. Sand4-12-20171759-29-2016
33. She is my reason why.... 4-12-20172649-27-2016
34. Drinking it in....4-12-20173244-24-2016
35. awakening4-12-20173591-27-2016
36. My heart could never tell...4-12-201719711-30-2015
37. My Children, The Reason My Heart Beats...4-12-201734212-3-2015
38. The phone conversation... 4-12-201724010-9-2016
39. Gulf of Mexico4-12-20171743-20-2017
40. I felt God's touch...4-20-20171464-20-2017
41. Willowpoint Way4-20-20171074-20-2017
42. Nishu's Poem..8-3-2017908-3-2017
43. My Best Friend...10-10-2017627-28-2017
44. Fall, Crisp, Crackle...10-14-20175510-14-2017
45. Anchor Bar, Buffalo NY12-31-20173012-31-2017