" Friendship, Dating,Romance, Passion, Love..." by Myrna Margaret Martin, USA

Title: Friendship, Dating,Romance, Passion, Love...

Author: Myrna Margaret Martin, USA

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Type: Book of Chapters


When in a relationship one can not forget about Romance.. the flame must be tended too. ( OR IT GOES OUT) One can not forget about the little things, thinking of your partner is so important... and always, always be honest!! Xo

Friendship is also important. It is a beautiful thing to have friends... xo


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1. Flicker of Flame...5-3-20171324-12-2017
2. Chemistry Unmatched...5-3-20171184-12-2017
3. Dreams based on lies...7-23-20171247-21-2017
4. I belonged to someone once....7-23-20171464-10-2017
5. The Date...7-23-20171835-15-2016
6. 2cd Chances7-23-20173567-7-2015
7. Effortless7-23-20175607-6-2015
8. Glad Your Not Jaded7-23-20173817-7-2015
9. How Lucky am I?7-23-20173407-7-2015
10. Universe knew7-23-20174137-9-2015
11. Just for a moment7-23-201723911-30-2015
12. The Dream and The Ring...7-23-20173861-10-2016
13. I know what I want...7-23-201715212-3-2015
14. In love, I truly did fall...7-23-20173801-17-2016
15. A Perfect Love Spell7-23-20172245-15-2016
16. My Anam Cara...7-23-20173951-12-2016
17. Enjoying Time...7-28-2017947-28-2017
18. This heartsong is mine...8-1-2017738-1-2017
19. I can love me now...10-4-20179310-4-2017