" Friendship, Dating,Romance, Passion, Love..." by Myrna Martin, USA

Title: Friendship, Dating,Romance, Passion, Love...

Author: Myrna Martin, USA

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Type: Book of Chapters


When in a relationship one can not forget about Romance.. the flame must be tended too. ( OR IT GOES OUT) One can not forget about the little things, thinking of your partner is so important... and always, always be honest!! Xo There is also times of missed love and opportunities, and reconnecting. Life is so fragile. When you find love, hold onto it!!!

Friendship is also important. It is a beautiful thing to have friends... xo especially friends who understand that we all have our lives to lead. Families to raise. But, when we get together it is like we were never apart. No.stress froends, absolutely understand.... xo


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1. Flicker of Flame...5-3-20173664-12-2017
2. Chemistry Unmatched...5-3-20173304-12-2017
3. Dreams based on lies...7-23-20173827-21-2017
4. I belonged to someone once....7-23-20173904-10-2017
5. The Date...7-23-20173855-15-2016
6. 2cd Chances7-23-20176317-7-2015
7. Effortless7-23-20178617-6-2015
8. Glad Your Not Jaded7-23-20176757-7-2015
9. How Lucky am I?7-23-20175647-7-2015
10. Universe knew7-23-20177637-9-2015
11. Just for a moment7-23-201750511-30-2015
12. The Dream and The Ring...7-23-20176661-10-2016
13. I know what I want...7-23-201737812-3-2015
14. In love, I truly did fall...7-23-20176121-17-2016
15. A Perfect Love Spell7-23-20174575-15-2016
16. My Anam Cara...7-23-20176701-12-2016
17. Enjoying Time...7-28-20173297-28-2017
18. This heartsong is mine...8-1-20172788-1-2017
19. I can love me now...10-4-201736910-4-2017
20. Memories...5-6-20182325-6-2018
21. Magical November's...11-12-201812411-12-2018
22. YOU...11-12-201814411-12-2018
23. Two Beacons of Light.... 11-12-201819111-12-2018
24. To wait, for THE ONE...12-31-201814512-31-2018