"The Maltese Falcon Vol VIII" by tobias kerins, UK

Title: The Maltese Falcon Vol VIII

Author: tobias kerins, UK

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Type: Book of Poems


contemporary poetry


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1. Council Houses7-1-20172507-1-2017
2. Guarded By Reaction7-4-20172447-4-2017
3. Musketeer's 78th challenge...On The Sands Of Time, I Place My Print7-5-20172337-5-2017
4. You Will Never See7-17-20172367-17-2017
5. In The Cruellest Of All Moments7-20-20172537-20-2017
6. Superstitions8-1-20172338-1-2017
7. A Brand New Book8-19-20172408-19-2017
8. My Eyes8-23-20172648-23-2017
9. Butter Melts on Toast 8-31-20172858-31-2017
10. In Whose Name10-2-201723210-2-2017
11. Perhaps The Calm Before the Storm10-8-201722810-8-2017
12. The Queue10-19-201726010-19-2017
13. Oblivious They Have No Care 10-22-201723410-22-2017
14. The Weather Creature10-31-201721310-31-2017
15. Good Times Of Course Remain In The Vaults 11-7-201722111-7-2017
16. Use The Vote Otherwise Do Not Complain11-10-201720211-10-2017
17. I Need You Back11-19-201722411-19-2017
18. From Small Acorns 11-23-201725711-23-2017
19. David Bell1-17-20182521-17-2018
20. Dean Matthews1-29-20181951-29-2018
21. Seeking The Truth Musketeers' 85th Challenge2-13-20182402-13-2018
22. Slam On The Anchors3-2-20181553-2-2018
23. The Sponge3-7-20181973-7-2018
24. Reference: David Bell3-15-20181883-15-2018
25. Poison Tongues4-23-20181244-23-2018
26. Humane Effort4-25-20181334-25-2018
27. Loyalty Broken5-21-20181315-21-2018
28. The Road to Ruin5-30-20181135-30-2018
29. I Have a Picture of You5-31-20181495-31-2018
30. Fight Fire With Fire (Perhaps this time don't)6-4-20181136-4-2018
31. The Shelf and the Noose6-4-20181256-4-2018
32. The Waiting Game10-8-20187910-8-2018
33. A Final Bow: The 93rd Challenge10-24-20186510-24-2018
34. As You Leave Me Now10-25-20184710-25-2018
35. They Screamed and Screamed then Fell on their Sword10-25-20186410-25-2018
36. The Unwanted Guest 10-28-20186710-28-2018
37. A Love Affair Coup10-30-20187010-30-2018
38. You Can Bend But Never Break Me11-2-20188211-2-2018
39. Chalk and Cheese11-14-20186311-14-2018