"Faith...." by Myrna Martin, USA

Title: Faith....

Author: Myrna Martin, USA

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Type: Book of Chapters


I believe in the power of prayer. The grace of God, and the beautiful gift of forgivness through our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in something I can not see, but that my heart feels. I am grateful beyond measure of God
's love in my life...


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1. I felt God's touch...7-23-20173484-20-2017
2. Phillipians 4:137-23-20175869-24-2016
3. There but for the Grace of God Go I, and For The Love of God I Am...7-23-20174449-24-2016
4. awakening7-23-20175411-27-2016
5. Faith replaces Doubt7-23-201731463-18-2008
6. My God Was There...7-23-20172527-23-2017
7. Sometimes you have to let go... Inspired by Joyce Meyer7-25-20173017-25-2017
8. Prayer Of Desmond Doss, Hacksaw Ridge...10-6-201766210-6-2017
9. Drinking it in....10-10-20175034-24-2016
10. God, faith, compassion, love...10-21-201724410-21-2017
11. I Will See You Again (A song I wrote for DAD 12/20/17)12-31-201717312-31-2017
12. I am...9-9-2018919-9-2018
13. God Wiped His Eyes, and Jesus Bowed His Head....9-12-2018779-12-2018