"New Oriental Poems" by Rajaram Ramachandran, India

Title: New Oriental Poems

Author: Rajaram Ramachandran, India

Views: 433

Type: Book of Poems


Apart from the Bouquet of Oriental Poems I posted earlier, I am now posting
the current single poems under this new heading "


#Poem TitleAdded to
1. NOP001. A Symbol of Love9-19-20171109-19-2017
2. NOP002. A BUD CRUSHED UNDER THE FOOT10-23-20178410-23-2017
3. NOP003. LET US SAVE COWS10-23-20175910-23-2017
4. NOP004. ALL THAT GLITTERS ARE’NT GOLD10-24-20176810-24-2017
5. NOP005. A MODEL POLITICIAN10-25-20175610-25-2017
6. NOP006. MOTHER EARTH PRAYER10-26-20175010-26-2017
7. NOP007. IS THERE ANY GOD FOR ME TO KNOW?10-27-20175410-27-2017
8. NOP008. A MAN WITHIN A WOMAN10-28-20176210-28-2017
9. NOP009. A MELODRAMA IN A TV CHANNEL10-29-20177710-29-2017
10. NOP010. THE FRIENDLY MONSOON10-30-20176110-30-2017
11. NOP011. A PAIR OF POINTS10-31-20175110-31-2017
12. NOP012. BLUNT TRUTH OR SWEET LIES?11-1-20175811-1-2017
13. NOP013. THE SCIENCE AND THE RELIGION11-2-20175611-2-2017
14. NOP014. THE LIFE OF LORD BUDDHA11-4-20175111-4-2017
15. NOP015. THE SANE AND INSANE MAN11-4-20174811-4-2017
16. NOP016, THE LIFE OF SHIRDI SAI BABA11-4-20176511-4-2017
17. NOP017. HOW HUMBLE ONE SHOULD BE?11-5-20175511-5-2017
18. NOP018. THE RESTLESS MIND11-6-20176411-6-2017
19. NOP019. WHICH IS MORE VALUABLE?11-7-20175711-7-2017
20. NOP020. WHO DISCOVERED THE MIRROR?11-8-20176511-8-2017
21. NOP021. KEEP THE MIND CALM11-9-20174611-9-2017
22. NOP022. WHEN A SIREN BLOWS11-10-20175811-10-2017
23. NOP023. THE SECRET OF SUCCESS11-11-20175511-11-2017
24. NOP024. WHERE CAN YOU FIND GOD?11-12-20174611-12-2017
25. NOP025. OH CORRUPTION, MY DEAR!11-13-20176111-13-2017
26. NOP026. THE PRAYER OF FOREST BROOK11-14-20176311-14-2017
27. NOP027. TOLERANCE IS A VIRTUE11-15-20176011-15-2017
28. NOP028. BY CHANCE - A PROVERBIAL SAYING 11-16-20177911-16-2017
29. NOP029. A COSTLY JOKE ON CONDOLENCE11-27-20176911-27-2017