"War Poems and Cry for Peace " by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Title: War Poems and Cry for Peace

Author: Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

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Type: Book of Chapters


Poems on war and every man's cry for peace to dwell in. Poems on waste and human vanity.


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1. Just War? 5-24-201013535-15-2010
2. Why Are We in Iraq?5-24-20109292-16-2010
3. Woes in Nigeria5-24-20109845-1-2009
4. The Wailing Women in Kosovo5-24-201021864-18-2009
5. A Song for Iraq5-24-201013832-8-2009
6. IRAQ, WHEN WILL YOU STOP BLEEDING? 5-24-20109744-23-2010
7. Afghanistan, the Host5-24-20107704-20-2009
8. And 30,000 More 5-24-201099512-3-2009
9. Give Us a Break from Suicide Attacks 7-7-20109227-4-2010
10. RUN, CARTOONIST, RUN!7-7-20109606-24-2010
11. EGYPT AT HER BOILING POINT 1-28-20117381-28-2011
12. Is There Another Way Out?3-24-201115233-23-2011
13. LIBYA, LIBYA, LIBYA!3-24-201115503-21-2011
14. PIRATES OF THE SEA3-24-201111103-3-2011
15. A SCREAM IN THE DARK IN LIBYA 3-24-20118162-26-2011
16. CAN ONE FORGET THE GENOCIDE IN RWANDA?3-24-20119011-29-2011
17. Crater of a Volcano in Regions Crying for Freedom 3-24-201113172-15-2011
18. Egyptian Revolution 20113-24-201144342-5-2011
19. LANDMINES AND AMPUTEES3-24-2011195611-17-2010
20. THE MOCKERY OF MY FAITH 4-6-201114414-2-2011
21. The Beast in Humans 5-31-201213195-25-2012
22. Aleppo, Aleppo, Aleppo! 3-15-201759311-19-2016