"THE MAHABHARATA" by Rajaram Ramachandran, India


Author: Rajaram Ramachandran, India

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Type: Book of Chapters


Mahabharata tells about the two royal families, Pandavas and Kauravas, and the bitter war fought by them for eighteen days. It speaks volume about the truth and non-violence, justice and fair play, good and evil and also of the evil effects of gambling

The Kauravas, one hundred sons of King Dhritarashtra were jealous of the Pandavas, five sons of King Pandu. The senior most head of the family, Bhisma tried his best to bring a permanent peace between these two families.
Pandavas, who were cheated in a foul gambling dice game by Kauravas, had to go in exile to the forest for 13 years, having lost all their possessions in the gambling.

After completion of 13 years, they claimed their kingdom back, but it was refused by Duryodhana, the eldest among the hundered sons of the King Dhiritarashtra. A war broke out that was fought for 18 days at Kurukshetra, India. Finally, Pandavas won with the help of Lord Krishna and Kauravas miserably perished.


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1. MAB001. THE POET VYASA'S PRAYER9-26-20173059-26-2017
2. MAB002. KACHA DEVAYANI9-26-20173729-26-2017
3. MAB003. SAKUNTALA AND DUSHYANTA9-26-20173269-26-2017
4. MAB004.DEVAVRATA SON OF KING SANTANU9-26-20173229-26-2017
5. MAB005. DEVAVRATA AS BHISMA9-26-20173689-26-2017
6. MAB006. Vichitravirya9-27-20172969-27-2017
7. MAB007. VIDURA, THE MINISTER OF JUSTICE9-27-20173579-27-2017
8. MAB008. KARNA, SON OF THE SUN9-27-20173059-27-2017
9. MAB009. THE BIRTH OF FIVE PANDAVAS9-27-20173259-27-2017
10. MAB010. BHIMA9-27-20173359-27-2017
11. MAB011. DRONA THE TEACHER9-28-20173029-28-2017
12. MAB012. EKALAVYA, THE TRIBAL HUNTER9-28-20173029-28-2017
13. MAB013. OPEN COMPETITION AMONG PRINCES9-28-20173189-28-2017
14. MAB014. DRONA'S REVENGE ON KING DRUPADA9-28-20173229-28-2017
15. MAB015. THE WAX PALACE9-28-20173279-28-2017
16. MAB016. THE GREAT ESCAPE9-29-20173199-29-2017
17. MAB017. BHIMA KILLS HIDIMBA9-29-20173089-29-2017
18. MAB018. BHIMA KILLS BAKASURA9-29-20173589-29-2017
19. MAB019. DRAUPADI'S SVAYAMVARA9-29-20173189-29-2017
20. MAB020. PANDAVA'S HOME COMING9-29-20173599-29-2017
21. MAB021. ARJUNA'S PILGRIMAGE9-30-20173579-30-2017
22. MAB022. ARJUNA WEDS SUBHADRA9-30-20173229-30-2017
23. MAB023. THE SARANGA BIRDS9-30-20174259-30-2017
24. MAB024. KING JARASANDHA WAS KILLED9-30-20173239-30-2017
25. MAB025. THE FIRST HONOUR TO KRISHNA9-30-20173539-30-2017
26. MAB026. SAKUNI'S EVIL DESIGN10-1-201731410-1-2017
27. MAB027. INVITATION TO GAME OF DICE10-1-201731110-1-2017
28. MAB028. THE GAME OF DICE10-1-201733310-1-2017
29. MAB029. DRAUPADI DISGRACED IN PUBLIC10-1-201729710-1-2017
30. MAB030. SECOND ROUND OF DICE GAME10-1-201736210-1-2017
31. MAB031. PANDAVAS LIFE IN THE FOREST10-2-201732310-2-2017
32. MAB032. THE ANXIETY OF DHRITARASHTRA10-2-201727410-2-2017
33. MAB033. KRISHNA'S VOW10-2-201728910-2-2017
34. MAB034. ARJUNA GETS PASUPATA10-2-201730310-2-2017
35. MAB035. ARJUNA AT AMARAVATI10-2-201731810-2-2017
36. MAB036. THE STORY OF NALA AND DAMAYANTI10-3-201726410-3-2017
37. MAB037. THE STORY OF NALA AND DAMAYANTI (2)10-3-201729510-3-2017
38. MAB038. THE STORY OF NALA AND DAMAYANTI (3)10-3-201730510-3-2017
39. MAB039. THE PILGRIMAGE OF PANDAVAS10-3-201731710-3-2017
40. MAB040. SAGE AGASTYA10-3-201739010-3-2017
41. MAB041. SAGE RISHYASRINGA10-4-201729910-4-2017
42. MAB042. SUKANYA10-4-201729910-4-2017
43. MAB043. KING SIBI10-4-201730010-4-2017
44. MAB044. BHAGIRATHA10-4-201735310-4-2017
45. MAB045. SAGE PARASURAMA10-4-201731910-4-2017
46. MAB046. YAVAKRIDA10-5-201738610-5-2017
47. MAB047. LEARNING AND VIRTUE10-5-201731410-5-2017
48. MAB048. ASHTAVAKRA THE EIGHT CROOKS10-5-201728510-5-2017
49. MAB049. BHIMA AND HANUMAN10-5-201735110-5-2017
50. MAB.050. BHIMA IN THE GRIP OF A PYTHON10-5-201734510-5-2017
51. MAB051. MARKANDEYA MEETS PANDAVAS10-6-201729210-6-2017
52. MAB052. KAUSIKA10-6-201732010-6-2017
53. MAB053. DURYODHANA'S FOOLISH IDEAS10-6-201728810-6-2017
54. MAB054. SAGE DIRVASA'S VISIT10-6-201739710-6-2017
55. MAB055. KING JAYADRATHA ABDUCTS DRAUPADI10-6-201734310-6-2017
56. MAB056. THE QUESTIONS BY YAKSHA (YAKSHAPRASNA)10-7-201732510-7-2017
58. MAB058. THD SECRET DAYS OF PANDAVAS10-7-201730810-7-2017
59. MAB059. PANDAVAS DEFEND MATSYA KINGDOM10-7-201731110-7-2017
61. SAB061. ARJUNA FIGHTS SINGLE HANDED10-8-201732710-8-2017
62. MAB062. IN THE OPEN PANDAVAS COME10-8-201730510-8-2017
63. MAB063. THE WEDDING OF ABHIMANYU10-8-201733010-8-2017
64. MAB064. PEACE MISSION OF THE PRIEST FAILED10-8-201730710-8-2017
65. MAB065. KRISHNA, THE CHARIOTEER10-8-201732310-8-2017
66. MAB066. SALYA'S ROLE AGAINST PANDAVAS10-9-201730610-9-2017
67. MAB067. VRITRA AND NAHUSHA10-9-201732410-9-2017
68. MAB068. THE MISSION OF SANJAYA10-9-201731210-9-2017
69. MAB069. DURYODHANA NOT FOR PEACE10-9-201732310-9-2017
70. MAB070. KRISHNA'S MISSION FAILS10-9-201735010-9-2017
71. MAB071. KUNTI REVEALS TO KARNA10-10-201731610-10-2017
72. MAB072. KARNA REJECTS KRISHNA'S ADVICE10-10-201731910-10-2017
73. MAB073. PANDAVAS COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF10-10-201731310-10-2017
74. MAB074. BHISMA TO COMMAND KAURAVAS10-10-201735510-10-2017
75. MAB075. BALARAMA'S VISIT TO ARMY CAMP10-10-201734210-10-2017
76. MAB076. RUKMINI AND RUKMA10-11-201729310-11-2017
77. MAB077. VEDAVYASA GIVES VISION TO SANJAYA10-11-201733110-11-2017
78. MAB078. THE MARCH OF ARMIES10-11-201730310-11-2017
79. MAB079. YUDHISHTHIRA SEEKS BLESSINGS10-11-201728710-11-2017
80. MAB080. BHAGAVAD GITA THE MASTERPIECE10-11-201736010-11-2017
81. MAB081. THE FIRST DAY OF THE BATTLE10-12-201733610-12-2017
82. MAB082. THE SECOND DAY OF THE BATTLE10-12-201729110-12-2017
83. MAB083. THE THIRD DAY OF THE BATTLE10-12-201728110-12-2017
84. MAB084. THE FOURTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-12-201730910-12-2017
85. MAB085. THE FIFTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-12-201734010-12-2017
86. MAB086. THE SIXTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-13-201734710-13-2017
87. MAB087. THE SEVENTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-13-201733610-13-2017
88. MAB088. THE EIGHTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-13-201731710-13-2017
89. MAB089. THE NINTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-13-201730510-13-2017
90. MAB090. SECRET PARLEY WITH BHISMA10-13-201732410-13-2017
91. MAB091. THE TENTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-14-201730810-14-2017
92. MAB092. KARNA VISITS BHISMA10-14-201731910-14-2017
93. MAB093. DRONA AS THE NEXT COMMANDER10-14-201728910-14-2017
94. MAB094. THE ELEVENTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-14-201732010-14-2017
95. MAB095. THE TWELTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-14-201730610-14-2017
97. MAB097. THE THIRTEENTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-15-201728810-15-2017
98. MAB098. ARJUNA'S GRIEF10-15-201728310-15-2017
99. MAB099. ARJUNA'S VOW10-15-201731410-15-2017
100. MAB100. THE FOURTEENTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-15-201730710-15-2017
101. MAB101. SATYAKI GOES TO HELP ARJUNA10-16-201733110-16-2017
102. MAB102. BHURISRAVAS CHALLENGED SATYAKI10-16-201731010-16-2017
103. MAB103. THE FIFTEENTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-16-201730110-16-2017
104. MAB104. THE SIXTEENTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-16-201730410-16-2017
105. MAB105. THE SEVENTEENTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-16-201733410-16-2017
106. MAB106. DEATH OF DUSHSASANA AND FALL OF KARNA10-17-201733210-17-2017
107. MAB107. THE EIGHTEENTH DAY OF THE BATTLE10-17-201732810-17-2017
108. MAB108. THE FINAL ENCOUNTER10-17-201739310-17-2017
109. MAB109. BALARAMA CONDEMNS10-17-201734210-17-2017
110. MAB110. THE MASSACRE AT MIDNIGHT10-17-201734910-17-2017
111. MAB111. ASWATHAMA10-18-201730810-18-2017
112. MAB112. DHRITARASHTRA'S GRIEF10-18-201729410-18-2017
113. MAB113. THE SECRET OF A TRAGEDY10-18-201729610-18-2017
114. MAB114, ABOUT THE ENVY10-18-201729310-18-2017
115. MAB115. UDANKA10-18-201734110-18-2017
116. MAB116. PARIKSHIT10-19-201729910-19-2017
117. MAB117. ASVAMEDHA YAGA10-19-201731610-19-2017
118. MAB118. THE FINAL DAY OF DHRITARASHTRA10-19-201731310-19-2017
119. MAB119. KRISHNA'S DISAPPEARANCE10-19-201730210-19-2017
120. MAB120. PANDAVAS' JOURNEY TO GOD'S ABODE10-19-201733010-19-2017
121. MAB001A. THE MAHABHARATA - STORY IN BRIEF12-6-201732812-6-2017