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Title: Site Updates and User Instructions

Author: VoicesNet News, USA

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1. Why you should use Collections to group your Writings6-30-201012285-28-2010
2. VoicesNet Collections are Rolled out for Writers6-30-201012195-22-2010
3. Looking for Volunteer Content Reviewers 6-30-201010875-12-2010
4. Writers - make sure to put your Poems in 2 Categories6-30-201011563-9-2010
5. Homepage changes implemented6-30-201011622-7-2010
6. Facebook SHARE is now available at VoicesNet...6-30-201013331-30-2010
7. Haiti Earthquake Tribute Poem Category is now Open6-30-201023241-30-2010
8. Update on Self-printing services6-30-2010113812-15-2009
9. Fan Notifications being sent out via Email6-30-2010133112-9-2009
10. VoicesNet Promotes Job Training and Education6-30-2010144212-4-2009
11. VoicesNet Introduces Polls6-30-2010125711-26-2009
12. Check out www.VoicesNet.mobi6-30-2010125411-16-2009
13. September Poetry Contest Announcement is behind schedule6-30-2010111310-19-2009
14. Update on Sept Hacker Attack6-30-201012919-29-2009
15. Site Dealing with some Hackers....6-30-201011109-29-2009
16. New Monthly Poetry Contest Starts at VoicesNet6-30-201014497-3-2009
17. VoicesNet Poetry Contest Announcement6-30-201018455-12-2009
18. Be the first to use new Poem Categories6-30-201014864-22-2009
19. Top Poem Ratings now Focuses on Authors6-30-201014453-16-2009
20. Link Back Information Added to Bottom of Main Poem Display Page6-30-201014962-27-2009
21. VoicesNet Internal Mail System Fixed6-30-201013832-21-2009
22. New Quizzes Added to Quiz Master6-30-201014442-21-2009
23. Try our First Writing Quiz6-30-201014132-9-2009
24. Quizzes Coming Soon6-30-201013092-9-2009
25. Recent Website Traffic Exceeds 14,000 visitors6-30-201020462-5-2009
26. Send to a Friend Campaign Begins: Use the "Send this poem to your Friends and Family" Feature Today6-30-201015731-27-2009
27. VoicesNet now has its own....6-30-201012441-21-2009
28. Other Author Poems added to main poem display page6-30-201032711-4-2009
29. Make VoicesNet your Internet Browser's Default Homepage6-30-2010124312-26-2008
30. Help Us! VoicesNet Offers Affiliate Partners...6-30-2010127812-12-2008
31. 1313 Members and Visitors on SIte6-30-2010126412-8-2008
32. Poetry Contest Final Round Update6-30-2010137212-7-2008
33. Website Email Notifications Fixed and back online6-30-2010124811-22-2008
34. Videos Section of Site back online6-30-2010113211-22-2008
35. VoicesNet looking for Investment Partners in future LLC6-30-2010127711-12-2008
36. Ad System at VoicesNet.com6-30-2010124611-1-2008
37. Poetry Contest Poem Statuses Fixed6-30-2010143510-30-2008
38. International Poetry Competition Update6-30-2010141610-27-2008
39. One Week Left in October 2008 Writers Contest6-30-2010132610-23-2008
40. City Pages Update6-30-2010127910-16-2008
41. VoicesNet has new logo and banner on site6-30-201012629-28-2008
42. Only a few more Days in monthly Writers Contest6-30-201020319-25-2008
43. Cities Tagging at VoicesNet.com - an update6-30-201015459-22-2008
44. Writing Contest - Writers Wanted6-30-201012889-12-2008
45. Update on SIte City Pages6-30-201011799-12-2008
46. VoicesNet is currently # 1 in Google for searches on Sports Poems6-30-201020519-12-2008
47. Tagging Your Writings by Country, State/Province/Region and City/Town6-30-201047449-7-2008
48. Traffic going up as School starts up!6-30-201013139-4-2008
49. Any web artists want to volunteer your work to VoicesNet.com6-30-201012998-28-2008
50. Public Relations Help Wanted at VoicesNet.com6-30-201011118-28-2008
51. New Monthly Writers Contest with Cash Prizes6-30-201017848-22-2008
52. Author Documents Page Fixed6-30-201011118-10-2008
53. Olympics Poetry Category Unveiled6-30-201014108-8-2008
54. New Writing Competition - Writers Wanted6-30-201012377-28-2008
55. VoicesNet Rating System Overhauled6-30-201010937-28-2008
56. Bug is fixed in EDIT page...6-30-201014567-12-2008
57. Recent Documents Pod Fixed on Home Page6-30-201010817-9-2008
58. VoicesNet Site Search6-30-201014327-5-2008
59. Check out Member Search Page6-30-201011257-4-2008
60. Send us your videos...6-30-201014307-1-2008
61. Visions Journal Newsletter - Fathers Day Special - June 15, 20086-30-201014006-15-2008
62. Recent Site Email Problems6-30-201011436-7-2008
63. To those who regularly Respond to poems, please read this...6-30-201013806-4-2008
64. Refresh your Browsers to flush any Malicious code from our webpages after recent Internet attack6-30-201011025-29-2008
65. Many Websites plus ours Maliciously Attacked6-30-201010985-28-2008
66. VoicesNet now available on your Cell Phones and PDAs6-30-201011305-19-2008
67. How to get your Writings Read at VoicesNet6-30-201012255-11-2008
68. Recent Secret Forum / Writer Workshop Links added to Homepage6-30-201011495-5-2008
69. EDIT Page Improvements6-30-201012425-5-2008
70. Public Relation Interns or Volunteers Wanted6-30-201011275-5-2008
71. VoicesNet monitors browser profiles for Security Reasons6-30-201010124-29-2008
72. Authors' Main Poetry Profile Page Updated6-30-20109984-27-2008
73. Poet Charles is back to read your poems6-30-201013694-24-2008
74. VoicesNet.com's Web Pages Load Very Quickly Now6-30-201011174-22-2008
75. 105 Members now have FANS6-30-201010604-15-2008
76. We are looking for Journal Articles6-30-201010804-12-2008
77. Thursday April 9, 2008 VoicesNet Website Statistics6-30-201011234-10-2008
78. Recent Documents on Home Page Modified6-30-20109384-7-2008
79. Documents By Categories Page Changed6-30-20109224-7-2008
80. Website Database now coming back online6-30-201010074-5-2008
81. Poet Profile Pages Update6-30-201010253-30-2008
82. VoicesNet Link Policy6-30-201010813-30-2008
83. Views Column added to Recent Documents Page6-30-201012713-18-2008
84. Writers Wanted6-30-201010813-14-2008
85. VoicesNet Database Switching to new Server Soon6-30-20109793-3-2008
86. Jokes and Riddles can now be added to your accounts6-30-201010462-26-2008
87. Additional Blog Categories Added to System6-30-201010282-25-2008
88. Try New [My Responses] Button on Responses Page 6-30-201010362-24-2008
89. Disregard any Spam Requests for anything in VoicesNet Mail system6-30-201011952-22-2008
90. FANS available in Beta version at VoicesNet6-30-201010152-18-2008
91. Bloggers, please switch to new Blogging Feature6-30-201010022-10-2008
92. New Document Types available at VoicesNet.6-30-201010752-10-2008
93. Home Page Includes VoicesNet News Pod6-30-20109742-10-2008
94. Update from VoicesNet's Jeff Humphrey6-30-201011552-2-2008
95. Check Out VoicesNet’s New Collections and Make Your Own!7-5-201013237-5-2010