"STORY POEMS FOR KIDS" by Rajaram Ramachandran, India


Author: Rajaram Ramachandran, India

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Type: Book of Chapters


Most of my poems are written in simple English to enable young kids to follow the same. To create some interest in them to read stories for children of India,
I have composed some poems for them. Elders also may take some interest in them.


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1. KID001. THE GOD'S CHOSEN CREATURE10-23-201746310-23-2017
2. KID002. THE GREEDY MILKMAN10-24-201738910-24-2017
3. KID003. GOD IS THE REAL OWNER10-25-201741410-25-2017
4. KID004. NEVER ADVISE A FOOL10-26-201735810-26-2017
5. KID005. THE UNFORTUNATE BEGGAR10-27-201738410-27-2017
6. KID006. THE HISSING SERPENT10-28-201736210-28-2017
7. KID007. AN EXAMPLE IS BETTER THAN PRECEPT10-29-201738710-29-2017
8. KID008. A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED10-30-201738810-30-2017
9. KID009. THE SMART ANT AND THE FORTUNATE DOVE10-31-201736810-31-2017
10. KID010. ALL FOR GOOD11-1-201736711-1-2017
11. KID011. A SEARCH FOR SUCCESS11-2-201738811-2-2017
12. KID012. NEVER TRUST AN IDIOT11-4-201734811-4-2017
13. KID913. A FOOLISH KING AND A WISE LAD11-4-201745211-4-2017
14. KID014. SOMETHING WE ARE SURE TO MISS11-5-201733511-5-2017
15. KID015. A GRANNY'S STORY OF THREE SAGES11-6-201738911-6-2017
16. KID016. LONG LIVE, THE KING11-7-201739011-7-2017
17. KID017. GOLD OR GRAIN, WHICH ONE IS GREAT?11-8-201738111-8-2017
18. KID018. POWER IS GREAT OR SERVICE?11-9-201738911-9-2017
19. KID019. THE WISE CLIENT11-10-201736911-10-2017
20. KID020. WORK IS WORSHIP11-11-201740111-11-2017
21. KID021. LET THE DEVIL TAKE YOU11-12-201737811-12-2017
22. KID022. THE TRIUMPH OF LABOR11-13-201736111-13-2017
23. KID023. FRIENDSHIP IS FRIENDSHIP11-14-201739211-14-2017
24. KID024. THE TRADE TEST.11-15-201737211-15-2017
25. KID025. THE FOOLISH SPEAKING ENGLISH11-16-201733211-16-2017
26. KID026. DISHONEST MEN NEVER PROSPER11-27-201732211-27-2017